‘Etsy’ Bitsy

etsyI have another great site for all my fashionistas/os.

So Hottie  (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) recommended this great site that is your gateway to everything — and I mean EVERYTHING — handmade.  Hottie just bought some great headpieces for her wedding to YOU KNOW WHO.  They are so cute together!  Awwww.  Me love the LESBIANS!

Are you a burgeoning craftsman, yourself?  Well, you can sell there too.

I don’t know about you but I have a thing for one-of-a-kinds.  There is nothing worse than seeing 5 people in one day with the same cardigan you have on.  Yeah, they say it’s Apparel for America but come on AA!

Ladies, take a look at the stock of scarves.  There are some amazing ones!!!

Visit:  http://www.etsy.com/


One Response to ‘Etsy’ Bitsy

  1. Frances says:

    i love this site, i’ve bought a few pieces from there. it’s really a great community. Check out my friend Ramona’s seller page:


    she does some mean stuff with a hook and yarn

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