<<REWIND: Folklore

nelly-furtadoOK, so I am on the train and I put in Nelly Furtado’s Folklore (now that sounds like I have a CD player and y’alls all know I have an IPOD… but whatever…)  Listening to it for like the millionth time since its release in ’03, it made me think how crazy it is that America slept on this album… seriously. 

Folkloreis actually a very well-produced, stylized and sung album.  I think that Furtado really stretched herself for what was her second album release.  Of course, she ticked people off in the process, as they all expected Folklore’s songs to be as poppy and soul-less as some of the mainstays from her first release.

If you can love her when she is “like a bird” or “promiscuous” then surely you can stomach her if she is being cerebral and patriotic.

Even if you aren’t a Nelly Furtado fan — and even if you have serious  issues with people giving album recommendations almost a decade too late — give Folklore a listen.

(Listen to the single “Explode” and you will be hooked, I assure you!)


2 Responses to <<REWIND: Folklore

  1. David says:

    I will definitely give this a listen (provided you pass on the goods, of course).

  2. […] Award-winning Nelly Furtado hasn’t been immune either.  Furtado’s magnum ooopus would probably be her sophomore […]

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