Only by the Night

only-by-the-nightWell, there are few albums in ’08 that got my attention quite like Kings of Leon’s ONLY_BY_THE_NIGHT. The band’s fourth studio album, it is a glorified example of what growth of an music artist should sound like.

The album’s immense commercial success precludes me taking ownership of bringing it to the masses but I figure there are still some of you who have no idea who they are and I think you should!

Front-man, Caleb Followill’s voice is out of this world (and so are those piercing blue eyes… but I digressed…), reminiscent of the gritty gruffness of say a Bruce Springsteen mixed with some undeniable soulfulness of a blues singer twice his age.  It’s a combination you have to experience to truly believe.

Listen to the first release “Sex on Fire” and I swear you will be hooked.

For more Caleb Followill news, link, websites, blog posts, videos and more go HERE


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  1. […] of Leon’s ONLY_BY_THE_NIGHT remains one of my fave albums in recent years.  There is nothing better than that undeniable […]

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