A “Dorothy” and Oz

wizard-of-oz-invitation-smaOK, so I am not one for outing people… Wait… I started another entry just like that!  Shoot, I guess I am one for outing people!

So, friends, what would you do if you are a gay man who pined – and I mean PINED – after some guy on a much-watched show and then you see him out clubbing… at all places… a gay bar?  Well, in my dreams I imagined maybe going up to him and holding a great conversation; possibly falling in love; getting married; maybe co-star in his spin-off show… or… or… I could just have stared and stared, waiting for the thing tugging at my boxer briefs to go away (my floppy pancreas, Rose, my floppy pancreas!!!)

The show is now defunct but said gay is from HBO’s OZ.  By the way, that show must have been the mastermind of some warped fetishist and his recurring wet dreams (sorry, Tom Fontana; you aren’t going to read this shit anyway).  I mean with the gratuitous sexual liaisons, murders, elegant and timeless wardrobe, ha, and the cantankerous roommates (or cellmates…whatever) you’d think you were watching an episode of Melrose Place.  (All I want to know is who would play Heather Locklear?)  That’s not to say I wasn’t completely and utterly obsessed because I was!  I am sure a lot of you were too!

But back to the gays.  So want to know who the Dorothy is?  Let’s just say he played one half of one of the sexiest straight-then-got-arrested-there-is-no-poontang-but-lots-of-time-and-lube-on-their-hands-so-turned-gay jailed duos ever.  So I can hear the gays chanting “which one”?  Let’s just say not the one that’s been on prime-time these days!

I don’t know if it’s a matter of life imitating art or vice versa but said actor was out and proud (you know he wasn’t researching as he has played gay already; what’s left to research).  His tank and jeans seemed painted on and he had definitely been pumping iron since Oz wrapped (ostensibly, at the time, for the new role he was working on for a lesser cable channel).   He was so hot, well, besides the fact that he was all alone, off to the side and gave facial expressions to passerbys that one could only assume were covering a bad case of constipation or just a friendly general grimace.  Still HOT HOT HOT though!

Where does Francislewis get his standards from?  Swear it seems I would do it with Richard Simmons ’cause he has appeared on TV!

File under YUM YUM in my TUM TUM!


One Response to A “Dorothy” and Oz

  1. David says:

    You are out of controllllll. Hahah!

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