Is it just me? Or is it nippy out?

nippleSo this is a response I got from someone who was totally offended by my entry regarding timeliness when it comes to telling someone you are dating that you have an un-descended testicle.

As my little bro would say “seriously?!?!”  Answer?  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Of course, Screennames have been changed to protect the NIPS!

[16:06] TwoHighOneLow: youre kinda harsh on the dude with one nut
[16:06] TwoHighOneLow: or your friend is being a bitch about it
[16:07] francislewis: Yeah, naw, my friend is just a bitch…
[16:07] francislewis: I realized yesterday that I needed a blog to let go of all of the things that float in my head…
[16:08] TwoHighOneLow: i mean i have a third nipple
[16:08] TwoHighOneLow: and sometimes i tell people the first day i meet them
[16:08] TwoHighOneLow: other times i wait years
[16:09] francislewis: Well, I would assume you wouldn’t date someone for years before they would find out!


One Response to Is it just me? Or is it nippy out?

  1. David says:

    I’m leaving…

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