So you guys know how I am the envy of a hoard of teenage girls and some really confused teenage and middle-age boys/men, right?  Well, that’s why I am blogging about it so you will know.  SHIT! 

So, anyways, I happen to work right next to where they shoot some integral scenes for Gossip Girl.  I was never into it but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE said I would find it rather entertaining so I bought the first season DVD and did find it rather amusing. XoXo.  So it’s season 2 and I feel really gay gay gay for still tuning in every week to see what over-indulgent melodramatic tragedies our poor little rich kids could possibly be facing.  With their Louis Vuitton clutches in hand, the world could be so brutal!

But back to the fact that it took me a good month to even recognize they were shooting right next door (and the scenes were outside mind you).  This shows how much I mind my own business (or more like how often I am stuck in my office like a caged bird.  Right, Maya Angelou?  You tell ’em, girl!)  I’d been watching the show and didn’t even recognize the landmarks from the neighborhood. 

But my cluelessness aside, let’s go to the cast.   So I have to  start by saying that I am a Starfucker (not that I have ever; well, there was that one time but I think an MTV reality “star” hardly counts).  But, yeah, it’s like as long as you are on TV I find you hot.  This is why when I saw Sam Champion (did he finally come out publicly yet?  I ain’t blind item-ing this ass) in cutoff shorts with fringe, a tank, and roller blades in the Chelsea-Flatiron border I was sooooo confused.  I know the “cool” part of me should have been appalled, disgusted, and maybe even belligerent with him (I mean fringe??? Rollerblades???  Chelsea???)  but the Starfucker part of me said he’s a weatherman!!!   From ABC!!!  (I think I need some sort of intervention!!!  Seriously!!!)

But, yeah, I keep digressing.  The cast… The cast…  Gossip Girl… Well, that one that plays Blair?  She is actually really really hot in person; very cute.  I’d do her!!!  The blonde?  Not so much.  Is that weird?  Just seems like she would be cute in person.  Not!  And Dan, oh Dan, why in the world do they put more makeup on you than the females in the show.  On the show, I absolutely fell in love with him.  I wanted a Dan for myself.  You know?  The sweet unsullied wannabe writer (he reminds me of someone I know very well).  But he’s just not cute in person at all.  Yes, girls, gays and the confused, I saw him pretty close up.  He delivered some lines and had to appear as if was walking out of the scene and did so at the expanse only a few feet away from where I and some other onlookers were.   Well, we were face to face and this dude is F.U.G.L.Y.!  Ugh. 

I haven’t gotten to see the rest of the cast but I am sure I will have some interesting stories to tell soon.  Well, that’s if my job, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, won’t keep me locked up tight for a century of lonely nights, waiting for someone to release me (Right, Christina Aguilera?  You tell ’em, girl!)

Side bar before I sign off: Some of the extras are actually really hot though I feel really weird finding actors and actresses in schoolboy/girl uniforms cute! 

Signing off…  XOXO, Gossip Boy!!!


3 Responses to Shhh…

  1. David says:

    LOLOL love the Maya Angelou and Xtina references… can’t beat it.

  2. […] look at Sam Champion!  I am still not sure if he came out yet but, if you remember from another post, when you walk around the city in frayed cut off shorts and rollerblades, doesn’t leave very […]

  3. […] heard some rumblings about there being a lip-lock between two male characters on the new season of Gossip Girl.  Many were speculating it was our shy and perpetually-ho-hum, Dan Humphrey.  Entertainment […]

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