Drew Barry-NO-MORE!!!


Tell me that wasn’t Drew Barrymore with a tongue ring on last night’s Golden Globe Awards.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am so one for body adornment (I have a couple of them myself) but a tongue piercing that you got recently???  How circa 1996!  I mean who does that?  What next?  A renegade eyebrow piercing?

Not just archaic body modification ideas haunt Drew, but did you check out her attire and behavior?  She looked and acted like a bunk Marilyn Monroe with her hair tussled  and the dress askew. I hear it is for a movie; let’s hope she is just doing some serious method acting then.

Drew, please tell me you aren’t back on the pipe! Let’s keep the America’s Sweetheart thing going; it suits you better. My friends who have met you say you are an absolute doll to be around — don’t let that fade.

File under don’t do this to yourself before it’s too late!


One Response to Drew Barry-NO-MORE!!!

  1. David says:

    If she got an eyebrow piercing I would die.

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