True Blood

true-blood-hboIf you haven’t seen HBO’s True Blood, maybe Anna Paquin’s Golden Globe win last night will solidify things enough for you to check it out.  I have been talking about it with friends and family for way too long now!

This quirky show about the civilization and co-habitation with humans of vampires is not only witty and unabashedly  sarcastic but so happens to make very current social, racial,  and sexual commentary — although metaphorical in delivery.

Yeah, there is blood — tons of it —  and gore but if you look not too far behind that, you see the writers are trying to paint a more cerebral picture for you to ponder.  Plus, not to mention the backdrop just happens to be New Orleans!

Anna’s character is a hoot but also check out character Rene Lenier played perfectly by Michael Raymond-James!  His Yat dialect is sooooo cute!

Again, this show is a must-watch!


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