Benjamin Bixby

andrew3000Yeah, so triple-threat celebrities are all the rage.  You know?  The actors-turned-singers-turned-clothing-designers — or some horrible permutation thereof.  What reigns true?  Many of our dear celebs are pretty much only good at one of those things… well, if they are even that lucky!

So needless to write, one would think I would be rather pessimistic when it comes to say a celebrity’s new clothing line.  Well, actually, there are a couple of celeb lines I am rather smitten with.  Take for instance the line Benjamin Bixby started early last year by  Andre 3000 (of Outcast fame).  The collection thus far is obviously heavily inspired by the 30s and 40s and the sport of rugby.   There are some pieces that could be considered a tad gaudy (there aren’t too many men who could wear short plaid trousers) but overall the line exudes impeccable style and attention to detail much like its creator.

Check the line out if you can.  It’s just another reason to visit which had a one day sale today on the collection.  It ends midnight tonight!

No time for remorse or ‘gilt’; visit HERE now…


One Response to Benjamin Bixby

  1. David says:

    You’d be pretty surprised at the exposure of “plaid trousers.” I remember how they used to fly when I was at Club Monaco last summer!

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