Celebrity Rehab, Seth… and Me!

shiftySo I have a little confession to make: I am francislewis and I am a reality tv junkie! I mean it has gotten to the point where quality control isn’t even an issue.  I will watch it all; try any one of them at least once; and usually keep my eye on the train until it’s wrecked, mangled, with no survivers!  I know… I know…  but there are a few shows that do seem to have some redeeming qualities though (no, not you, Bromance!)

So that brings me to my watching VH1’s Sober House, which I guess you can describe as a spin-off of Celebrity Rehab which just ended its second season but a few months ago.  The show chronicles the lives of several celebrities from both seasons’ casts as they try to live life drug and alcohol free after their stints at Dr. Drew Pinsky’s detox facility.

One of the cast members in particular has me glued.  You see back in the day, I use to be a journalist.  One of the first artists I ever interviewed happened to be Crazy Town, a band fronted by a then stage-named only Shifty Shellshock.  Today, other reality tv junkies will know him as Seth “Shifty” Binzer, much of his government-given name.

Truth was, I was shell-shocked that first day.  That day more than anything I wanted the members of that band to know I wasn’t a rookie at this journalist thing and in the process my nerves got the best of me for much of the ride to the record label and quite sometime afterwards.  They were new signers (their hit “Butterfly” wouldn’t come out for quite some time later) and though we were both sorta newbies I was petrified still.

My fears were allayed when the band arrived though.  In walks in this gorgeous guy with crazy platinum blond spiky hair, hoards of tats and what I could only describe as one of the most sincere and welcoming smiles ever.  With the rest of his band mates in tow, it was Shifty who really put me at ease, as we started talking about our common loves of star tattoos and piercings.

By the end of the interview, one thing was for sure: Seth was undoubtedly charismatic, endearing, and had a great love for music that was infectious even for a music journalist, and he truly was the front-man of this group (though there was a co-front-man who looked anything but happy with all of the attention Seth was getting).  Truth be told, Seth wasn’t trying to overshadow anyone but he just had so much intensity and drive that people gravitated to him — music executives, publicists, journalists and all alike.  I had first-hand experience of that much of the day and even later that night,  with the fans glued to him when we met up at a NYC show where his band shared the bill with Tommy Lee.

I have to admit I’d heard stories that Seth was even using back then (along with other members of his band) but I couldn’t believe it because the guy I saw seemed too driven to be as much of an addict as people were saying.  Just didn’t seem possible but I can see now that it was, in fact, possible and though it does somewhat sully the experience a bit when I think of it in retrospect, I also know how the music industry can tempt and gobble one up.  If you aren’t careful, you can be a shell of your true self.

What I can write is that I hope Seth can see himself through all of this.  I don’t know how I feel about any of the celebs publicly going through this all.  It takes the fish bowl concept and really flips it on itself and, fittingly, a viewer has to wonder about intentions.  But, again, I say get help where you can.  Maybe the concept of Game Theory will work its magic on these folks as it’s about so many times you can screw up on national tv.  At some point, something has to give.

For me, I didn’t get to know Seth, the man on the screen, in the music videos, on reality tv.  Instead, I got to know the man before that all, who was hopeful and craved success in what seemed a healthy way.  He was something to be reckoned with back then and I hope he can see that drive again.  And with a child out there, I hope he learns that he isn’t just living for himself anymore — or even band-mates anymore.  He is living for someone he helped to create!  Cliche and cheesy but true!

God speed, Seth!  I know you can do it!


10 Responses to Celebrity Rehab, Seth… and Me!

  1. David says:

    You know, I still hate me a celebreality… and still you refuse to stop your addiction. It’s you that should be in rehab!

  2. Patty Guy says:

    I had to make a comment, I actually know nothing about Seth or his music, but I did watch him on CR1, and he just grabbed my heart..I am so pulling for him to make it..I know how hard it is, my sister has been an addict most of her life..So I dont understand people bashing others when then know nothing..But I am rooting for Seth all the way..I have to say my heart stopped beating during most of last nights show..And in the end I was really proud of Seth..

  3. francislewis says:

    Thanks for the comment! Yes, he is an amazing guy. I think many of us know or have known an addict and I can see it’s not an easy thing to kick regardless of the vice. For some reason, I just know Seth will see himself out! He is definitely in my prayers!!!

  4. lisaannlm says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing your insights on Seth. I agree with you, he is a very intellegent, engaging, talented guy. You know me from the message boards over at VH1 (I’m lmcbrie66) & you know how frustrated I get with Seth about his addiction, but by the same token, I totally get it. Every time he says he’s ging to get clean, I think he has every intention of doing so, but his brain & his body tricks him into believing that he can’t be healthy, functioning, sane, or happy without Crack & Opiates. From what I understand, Seth’s dad was a Cocaine addict also, so I imagine he couldn’t have had a very happy life to begin with.

    I think the BIGGEST obstacle in his recovery as of today is is his MANAGER David. David, who is Mary Carey’s manager/boyfriend & who also manages Sean Stewart & Steven Adler, is BAD NEWS!!!! The general concensus amongst people is that he uses people just to up his own status & get himself face time on TV. Personally, I think he keeps Seth, Mary, & Steven HOOKED for that reason. If they are drunk, high, or whatever, & get caught on TMZ, then that gets him attention. I believe that when Steven left with Will & came back for the SH BBQ, that he probably got the drugs from David. There’s no other possible explanation. David was there, he has 3 people in the house, & his only care & concern is that he gets attention.

    This week’s episode is going to be heartbreaking for me to watch. I’m anxious to find out what exactly he said to make Seth all depressed & sad to make him want to use & to possibly be suicidal. We already know via the previews that David told Mary that she “Has her parents genes in her,” a statement which activates every fear the kids of those with mental illness have. That enraged me. The thought that he possibly said something that would make Seth want to die makes me hurt inside & makes me want to find David & put some serious hurt on him. Obviously, he cares nothing for Seth, & even less for Melissa or Halo (His son) who from what I understand are heartbroken right now because of the toll Seth’s addiction has had on them.

    My hope is that Seth embraces sobriety long term. With time I feel like he can get the clarity to see David for what he is and get himself out of that situation. He is truly talented & I think with legitimate management, guidance, and support, he has a real chance to reclaim his career & come back bigger than he was when Crazy Town first started.

  5. audraritonc says:

    as a music lover i wasnt crazy over crazy town …as a addict of 12 years and only being 26 I completly understand.this is one thing its a bad desease! I and most of my family have been pleagqued by it. so I am really hopeing he gets it life is to great to live for drugs.That man david is a typical la dude and stephen getting high didnt set seth off but david talking shit did?? see he said he wanted to get high and any reason 4 a junkie will work. so i hope he dose get out of cali and get sober in a community that is not so catered to celebs this sober hose is a joke. you walk in fresh outta detox and they say oh you can only get high 2 times the 3rd youll get kicked out. what i cant belive they get to have phones..goo to a sober house anywhere in the real world would be close to jail you have mad rules no cell phones …most clinitians feel this cell phone thing is awfull you have a constant remider you can just call and get high?? i mean am i alone in this. it isnt really that safe of an enviorment. thats me though i hope for shiftys kids he gets clean.

  6. sobernineyears says:

    They kicked steven adler out after his first relapse, yet again they are giving seth another chance. I have been sober for nine years and until a person wants it and is ready it wont work. I think he wants all of the attention, he knows what drugs can do and he chose to use them . He may try to blame mary.s boyfriend but it isnt his fault. seth has been heading for a relapse for a long time. I think they should kick him out of the house, he keeps everyone upset all the time. He has a huge ego problem and wont listen to anyone.

  7. td says:

    I have to say that I have seen David in at least 3 reality shows and the only reason why he stuck out in my mind is because he was such an A-HOLE in every one of them. Everybody on all shows, hated him. (you know he’s a looser if Tiffany from ‘I love New York’ thinks he’s arrogant!! He was such an egotistical SOB, and for what reason, i have no idea. He is just a creepy little troll. He acts like a spoiled little punk who tries to get attention any way he possibly can. He must figures that negative attention is better than no attention at all. He is just an ugly little man, inside and out, who definitely needs to just fall off the face of the earth. I seriously doubt if anyone would miss him! Sorry, David, but you’re just plain – grotesque!

  8. Erica Myers says:

    Leave Seth alone he tries and truly believe he wants it! We all mess up, and Seth was nothing like Steven he did not hurt anyone but his self. Everyone is jealous! No one knows his walk in this life so until u been in his shoes back off! In addition, David is a joke he is plague and spreads like wild fire with his games to be on TV.

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