Adam Lambert gay? No!!!!!

June 10, 2009

adam-lambertRolling Stone has released a sneak peak of its most highly-anticipated article featuring American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert.  In it, he says he is in fact… wait… wait… wait for it… G-A-Y.  Stunner, I know!  I mean the shots of his beaming boyfriend in the audience during the competition and the hoards of pictures of him in varying states of drag-dress truly aren’t enough.  We need to hear it from the horse’s mouth and dedicate a cover story to it!  It’s the only thing left!

Sequin jackets aside, I think Lambert is actually a very talented singer and if he has some great songs in his corner, I think he should be a major success.  It’s sad that the issue of his sexuality has clouded much else but I don’t know if I expected much else.  What I can appreciate is that he is willing to set it straight that he is “proud” and readily “embraces” his sexuality!  Kudos to you, Adam.  I know a lot of celebrities who should do the same.

Does anyone else think his voice is reminiscent of Axl Rose?  I was waiting all season for him to sing a Guns N’ Roses’ song then I remembered that Rose probably would never give clearance for any of his songs on A.I.  Though we did get to see Lambert with Slash.  I guess that’s as close as we are going to get.

File under gratuitous outings.


Congratulations, Emil!

June 10, 2009

emil-wilbekin-photo_highresNow, as a young buck straight out of college, I had this notion — no matter how grandiose it may seem in retrospect —  I would be a journalist of epic proportions.  I would change my readership’s fusty notions of what was fashionable, what was great music and what was the next hot thing.  After realizing way too quickly perhaps that my unorthodox way of delivering my musings were more suited for the creative writing fare, I spent sometime not rocking the boat as a journalist, then ditched the dreams all together.   (And, yes, a few in flux novels later, I revert back to my unrequited first love: writing to the masses.)

With that all written, no one can say that shaping the world’s mind about fashion, music, and culture in general is not possible.  I honestly believe that Emil Wilbekin is one of the most influential and underrated masterminds in the publishing industry there is.  Seems everything he touches turns golden.

Wilbekin, the former Editor-in-Chief of Vibe magazine, in my opinion, single-handedly made the publication a fashion bible, taking what was deemed only suitable for urban appeal and making it a household name and resource guide!  During Wilbekin’s tenure, this was the first time the publication saw ads from the likes of Gucci and Louis Vuitton.  Some called it the watering-down of a gritty hip hop publication but I call it a lucrative, business-savvy, creative, and a smart move.

Wilbekin also took Giant magazine into the same stratosphere during his tenure there as its Editor-in-Chief.  And formerly the VP of Brand Development for mega-brand Marc Ecko, I am sure he had a lot do with its progression into a more sleek and sophisticated urban brand as well.

It has been recently announced that Wilbekin will now be Managing Editor of and I am so proud of him!  I reached out to him way back when and he was more than kind to me, giving me some really sound advice. They say is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing and popular web-based magazines and I am sure he will take into even greater heights.

File under my mentor!

<<REWIND: Scream

June 10, 2009

cover-front-chris-cornell-scream-2009I have never been one to heed the advice of critics.  Personally, I know quite a few journalists who take pleasure in panning an album without giving it a proper listen because frankly it’s more fodder for an article than glorifying one.  

In any event, during my time away, I have been listening to Chris Cornell’s latest release Scream which hasn’t gotten much critical acclaim but surely deserves it!  Cornell, from Soundgarden and Audioslave fame, has put together what I could only describe as diary entries you could/should dance to.  Confessions on a Dance Floor  may have been a term Madonna coined but Scream  seems to have truly made this its maxim.  Teeming with accounts of infidelity, drug abuse, and relationships gone awry — the album is Cornell’s something-to-say and is worth the listen.   

Mixing the ever-present hip-hop and R&B stylings of mega-producer Timbaland against Cornell’s raspy and hard-edge vocals produced an album reminiscent of say Portishead.  Though Timbaland and Cornell seem a duo that could have been like oil and water, it does mix well! 

My favorite song on the album has to be “Part of Me.”  Check it out!

Nurse Jackie

June 9, 2009

nurse_jackie_poster-367x500If you have seen the premiere episode of Showtime’s next surefire hit, Nurse Jackie, then you know all the praise is well-deserved.

Edie Falco is back, playing Jackie Peyton, a nurse who probably has bedside manner to a fault but is not so magnanimous when it comes to those who lack the gene.  So much so she will even take your ear (bitten off by a prostitute) and flush it down the toilet!  Or maybe she will steal your favorite Ugg boots and give it to a person more in need.

This struggle in that gray area of what is deemed right and wrong, also sees Jackie heavily addicted to painkillers and entangled in an illicit affair with a co-worker.  What has to be said is that Falco portrays this struggle expertly, acting even up to her fingertips it seems, to delivery what I have always described as some of the most spot-on and realistic acting I have ever bore witness to.  I have a feeling this show is going to only get better and that’s saying a lot as the first episode had me laughing hysterically and eager for the next installment.

For my gays, there is some really hot eye candy in Haaz Sleiman’s character, Mo-Mo.  Yum!  And then there is always Peter Facinelli’s character, Dr. Fitch Cooper, for your viewing pleasure as well.  That sexual touching thing he touts as a form of Tourette Syndrome is so an affliction I know a lot of others suffer from.  You know who you are!!!

It all conspires to be a must-watch!!!

Hibernation Over!

June 9, 2009

h2023OK, so, I know my devotees are wondering where in the world is Carmen Sandiego.  Oh yeah, and some of you are also wondering where in the world  have I been as well.

Do tell?  Do tell?  Well, let me preface this by stating that the hibernation, sabbatical, whatever is over.  No, there was no frivolity involved.  I actually spent these months raising millions upon millions for that great and ever-so-dependent nonprofit I have been doing development for this past year.  In the process, I have neglected you all and I apologize.

Pro-social endeavors aside, the B-I-T-C-H is back!  And he’s GAY-er, CATTY-er, and full of enough gossip and entertainment and fashion musings that he could just spew!   So all better be weary!

It’s a new dawn; it’s a new day; it’s a new site and no one is immune from my wrath.

Stay tuned!


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