Nurse Jackie

nurse_jackie_poster-367x500If you have seen the premiere episode of Showtime’s next surefire hit, Nurse Jackie, then you know all the praise is well-deserved.

Edie Falco is back, playing Jackie Peyton, a nurse who probably has bedside manner to a fault but is not so magnanimous when it comes to those who lack the gene.  So much so she will even take your ear (bitten off by a prostitute) and flush it down the toilet!  Or maybe she will steal your favorite Ugg boots and give it to a person more in need.

This struggle in that gray area of what is deemed right and wrong, also sees Jackie heavily addicted to painkillers and entangled in an illicit affair with a co-worker.  What has to be said is that Falco portrays this struggle expertly, acting even up to her fingertips it seems, to delivery what I have always described as some of the most spot-on and realistic acting I have ever bore witness to.  I have a feeling this show is going to only get better and that’s saying a lot as the first episode had me laughing hysterically and eager for the next installment.

For my gays, there is some really hot eye candy in Haaz Sleiman’s character, Mo-Mo.  Yum!  And then there is always Peter Facinelli’s character, Dr. Fitch Cooper, for your viewing pleasure as well.  That sexual touching thing he touts as a form of Tourette Syndrome is so an affliction I know a lot of others suffer from.  You know who you are!!!

It all conspires to be a must-watch!!!


One Response to Nurse Jackie

  1. Hi Francis,

    Thanks for your comment on my site. I love Jackie! Falco kicks ass. How cool is it that Showtime ordered season 2 already?

    I’m thrilled to see Haaz Sleiman on this show. He was riveting in The Visitor last year.

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