Adam Lambert gay? No!!!!!

adam-lambertRolling Stone has released a sneak peak of its most highly-anticipated article featuring American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert.  In it, he says he is in fact… wait… wait… wait for it… G-A-Y.  Stunner, I know!  I mean the shots of his beaming boyfriend in the audience during the competition and the hoards of pictures of him in varying states of drag-dress truly aren’t enough.  We need to hear it from the horse’s mouth and dedicate a cover story to it!  It’s the only thing left!

Sequin jackets aside, I think Lambert is actually a very talented singer and if he has some great songs in his corner, I think he should be a major success.  It’s sad that the issue of his sexuality has clouded much else but I don’t know if I expected much else.  What I can appreciate is that he is willing to set it straight that he is “proud” and readily “embraces” his sexuality!  Kudos to you, Adam.  I know a lot of celebrities who should do the same.

Does anyone else think his voice is reminiscent of Axl Rose?  I was waiting all season for him to sing a Guns N’ Roses’ song then I remembered that Rose probably would never give clearance for any of his songs on A.I.  Though we did get to see Lambert with Slash.  I guess that’s as close as we are going to get.

File under gratuitous outings.


3 Responses to Adam Lambert gay? No!!!!!

  1. butmythingis says:

    Adam Lambert is GAY!!?!??! Where have I been?

  2. burberry22 says:

    I know it annoys me, thats for sure. I suspected nothing else as soon as I saw him at auditions for American Idol. Yes, the clothes was just a little off and yes the later admittance of having a crush on Kris Allen scared me, but the one key factor was the make-up. I hoped that it wouldn’t take the media this long to figure it out, but alas, someone finally threw those puppies a bone. Oh well.

  3. […] much more interested in hearing the upcoming releases from the other three finalists (Chris Allen, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta) who have all landed deals and have releases in the […]

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