Good Luck, Whitney

August 31, 2009

whitney_cover_ilooktoyou_500x500I will keep this short: rock the BILLBOARD list, Whitney!  We LOVE you!

The album is GREAT!


DJ AM Found Dead

August 29, 2009

1190762389.37208.57258According to a number of news sources, Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein was found dead in his New York City apartment on Friday.  

Star Magazine reports a rep for the deejay said “The circumstances surrounding his death are unclear” but the mag expects it is “a drug-related death.”

Formerly the beau of Nicole Richie, DJ AM narrowly avoided death last September after a plan he shared with Blink 182’s drummer Travis Barker crashed.  

Twitter  is abuzz with condolences from celebrities and beyond.  A source tells Star that Richie is very distraught and has been crying nonstop since the news was broken to her.  

Rest in peace, DJ AM!

<<REWIND: David Guetta's "One Love"

August 28, 2009

David-Guetta-One-Love-480455I have always thought myself one of the errant few who couldn’t wrap his ear cochlea around dance/house music.  Try and try as I might, there was always something lacking there for me — even when a stellar voice reverberated in the foreground of the what many describe as the “booming” beats of this gay club mainstay.  

A former/reformed raver (or, more appropriately dubbed “party kid”) well before it was ever deemed cool, I was more into the almost carnal throb of drum & bass and/or jungle.  

So color me skeptic but my utter love of David Guetta’s hit and collaboration with former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland “When Love Takes Over” seemed it would be a fluke of epic proportions more than anything else.  Of course, I was surprised when after getting an early listen of Guetta’s new album One Love before its August 25th release (courtesy of his marketing/pr peeps stateside) I was actually grooving to many of the tracks.   

This is Guetta’s 4th studio album and, admittedly, before this release I hadn’t heard of the well-respected producer/DJ, though his career spans almost two decades.  The album is chockfull of some memorable beats all my gays will surely be dancing to — if they aren’t already.  Each collaboration — with the likes of Kelly Rowland,, Ne-Yo, AKON, Estelle — not only highlight some amazing production skills on the part of Guetta but doesn’t shy away from some serious great vocals by the aforementioned and more.

“…infused with all the best flavors of contemporary pop music that will appeal to such a broad audience both on and off the dance floor,” Guetta says of the album.

It is all worth the listen!  Guetta gets nothing but love from me!

File under: My faves: “Sexy Bitch” (collaboration with AKON), the #1 Black Eyed Peas’ hit “I Gotta Feeling” and all of the Rowland collaborations.

Shaq’s PINK attack!

August 28, 2009

Shaq in a banana hammock? Neon? Pink? I just can’t!

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A Bottle of Coke Please!

August 28, 2009

I love me a flexible gay! Parisian model, Gui Wandresen knows how to hold them and fold them!

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Fashion Note: Cassie

August 28, 2009

cassie-300x400(1)I have to admit that I have had more-than-a-little-crush on hottie (and reportedly P Diddy-sig-0ther), Cassie, for quite sometime.  Yeah, as for most, the crush has very little to do with her singing chops/career and more to do with the undeniable fact that she is absolutely GORGEOUS!  Even after chopping quadrants of her hair off to look like a client of a ravenous Edward Scissorhands, I still got love for this exotic beauty.

Obviously taking some advice from her reported beau about longevity and diversifying, Cassie is said to be starting her own line this coming fall.  According to the budding mogul will do a collaboration with the label DimePiece.  The line within a line called Nine Lives will feature tee shirts.

File under: YUM!  I need a gay intervention, yet again.  Pass me those platforms circa 1995, STAT!

Brody Jenner, Joe Francis: Boys Gone Wild

August 28, 2009
Photo Credit: TMZ

Photo Credit: TMZ

Now, I have no love for any of the parties involved in this crazy story but to hit a lady?  That’s pretty low even for you, Joe Francis!

TMZ reports that Brody Jenner’s wasp-stung lips girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, may be nursing fatter lips after last night’s rumble at an LA nightclub.  Seems Girls Gone Wild creator Francis was hitting “relentlessly” on a mutual friend of Jenner and Nicole’s and when Nicole thought it was a bit too much, she threw a drink on him.

How does the gallant Francis react?  Well, according to Jenner he pulls Nicole’s hair, punches her in the face, and then in a last ditch effort of chivalry, throws her to the ground to only pummel her with kicks.

When both Jenner and Francis were removed from the club, Jenner goes after Francis and punches him in the face.  To add insult to pretty messy injury, Jenner then gets tasered from “someone” (hopefully, a law enforcer and not some random person with a taser gun; who randomly has a taser gun).

Jayde says she will press charges!

File under: Bloody Mess!  See TMZ video HERE!