Fashion Roadkill: Elizabeth and James

elizabeth-and-james-menswear-launched-olsen-twins-news-fb803f1b87cf876711c4fd454e75b14aI am definitely one of those who teeters from feeling totally indifferent to kinda liking the  Olsen twins.  Yeah, they sometimes come off as these akimbo porcelain dolls but one has to admit that they are pretty business-savvy, switching their relevance from the tween market to a more mature one.  And that shabby chic thing they do?  Well, it seems to fit them — style-wise, not size-wise, ha.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I grew up with them in my home —  seeing those cute drooling smiles on Full House to now seeing snares stuffed with Starbucks styrofoam.   Whatever the case, I didn’t find them too annoying.  Then I peeped out one of their lines, Elizabeth and James — more notably the men’s line — and what I was in store for this fall.

Now, if I wanted to look like a warped lumberjack, I would have asked for that nicely and with a rifle in my hand too.  I mean come on.  Who wears that stuff?  With the puffy vests, the flannel, and the muted tree-trunk colors, I would think they were accommodating hunter rather than fashionable gents.  I have seen this particular style done many seasons ago but much better.  Personally, the women’s line doesn’t seem to fare much better.

The Olsens were invited to this year’s CFDA Awards that just passed and kudos to them.  However, I think they really need to step it up for their next run.  And, we need to take fashion as fashion and stop giving extra credit to those celebrities-turned-designers.

File under: Paul Bunyan and Babe!


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