Gratuitous: “Addicted to Beauty” ads

Photo Credit: Oxygen

Photo Credit: Oxygen

I am going to start a new feature called G-R-A-T-U-I-T-O-U-S for the overrated and over-saturated fare.

The inaugural inductee would have to be the ads for the new Oxygen show called Addicted to Beauty.  Nope, I haven’t a clue what this show is about but I am guessing a) it is a reality series b) it is about surgery-0bsessed one-dimensional people.

Anyway, if I see one more ad for this show — be it on the bus, train platform, or taped to the inseam of my pants — I am going to hurl!  Seriously STOP!

File under: it is probably going to suck but I am going to watch it anyway because I am a reality-tv addict!


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