Hung-up on the Details

Photo Credit: HBO

Photo Credit: HBO

OK, so when I heard there was going to be a show on HBO called “Hung” my assumption was it would be witty, scandalous, sexy, and by all means fast-paced.  I guess three out of four isn’t bad.

While the subject of a down-on-his-luck basketball coach having to resort to sharing his member with the paying female masses is salacious enough on its own, I think “Hung” needs to stop horsing (excuse the pun) around and get to the point of no return.   I want to see plot twists, disgruntled clients, compromising positions, more nudity, less Anne Heche, more Jane Adams, more Thomas Jane.  I want it all — every inch.  Ha.  So far all I am getting from the show is a “softy”.  Let’s pick up the pace!

Anyhoo, it’s still a must-watch.  I have a penchant for those series that mix the mundanity of middle-class life with the overly obsurd.


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