Rehash: Melrose Place

victor_webster_hq_03I have never been one for remakes.  For me, it’s much like re-fried beans: yeah, it seems like a good idea then you get that queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach.  I mean if something wasn’t broke why try to fix it.

The demise of the original Aaron Spelling hit Melrose Place tells you that no matter how outrageous,  shirtless, and preposterous  you get, a series is not endless.  There comes a time when execs should stop thinking about the bottom line and bow out gracefully.  Seinfeld did it best! So to remake a series like this seems sacrilige if you ask me.  I will tune in though… Especially with the new word on the street! has confirmed that the resident gay on the series set to hit the WB soon will be Victor Webster.  The hottie, who has appeared in Playgirl, is more known by me from his appearance on Sex and the City as that inside-trading gigilo and one of Samantha’s conquests.  Remember when he dropped that towel?  Phew!  That alone will have me at least watching.  Advocate says he will appear on the second episode.

File under YUM YUM in my TUM TUM!


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