Mariah’s Got Talent?

MariahCarey-ObsessedOfficialSingleCIt’s undeniable that Mariah Carey is a talent.  I have been a fan of hers for a long time.  

I got the biggest surprise ever my senior in high school when we had an encounter at the Polo Sport Mansion in the Upper East 70s in NYC.  That day I was more flustered than the sales associates who ran rampant putting together all the things she pointed to (of course, she didn’t try on a thing).  I actually mustered some confidence though and went up to her mid-shop and asked for a hug.  And you know what? She obliged.  I couldn’t come up with anything else, smiled, and quickly walked away.  And you know when you feel someone’s eyes on you?  So I turned around and she gave me this wry smile that read “Is that all you wanted?  To cop a feel?  You didn’t want to ask me anything or say something?”  True story: I gave her a thumbs up and said “You are a great singer too!” and honest to God she and her shopping buddy cracked up.  It was the coolest thing ever!

Fast track to today, with her stint as the media’s breakdown queen and a few flops and I was still undeterred.  I still have love for Carey.  Honestly though I think ever since the release of Honey, Carey has left her saccharine image for a more sultry one but seems to have misplaced her singing chops as well.  It’s not that I think she has lost it completely, I just get the sense she seems way too focused on what she looks like and everything else has taken a back seat.  Many of her live performances seem rife with fear, second-guessing, and an overwrought obsession with her attire and overall look.  

She’s been getting a lot of bad media attention for her decline in live appeal after the Michael Jackson memorial and I think that it’s much-warranted.  She had many a mishap before during live performances.  She needs to get her act together.  Catching tonight’s performance on America’s Got Talent, what I heard was a soulless computerized cacophony reminiscent of some way-too-young pop upstart and not someone who has been an industry standard for years.  Carey we want you back!  I love you but we want you back!

That butt grab was pretty funny though!  She and Nick seem to have something real going there!  One can only hope!

File under: If you should return to me then it was truly  meant to be! 


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