<<REWIND: Phil Collins

collins_3So everyone who knows me would say that I have a healthy (well, not so much) obsession with the 80s.  There is something so great about that era and I wish on my shelltop Adidas that I was a teenager during the decade.  It was ten years of excess, extremes,  shoulder pads, the Carringtons, the Colbys, fads, and some great great music.

Case in point would have to be Phil Collins, the former front-man for Genesis turned soloist.  For some reason he has been on heavy rotation on my iPOD.  I am talking about haunting hits like “In the Air Tonight” and “Another Day in Paradise” and  sad sad tunes like “Against All Odds” (this also happens to be the soundtrack to the movie of the same name which served as my first R-rated flick experience; you go Jeff Bridges).

While  I wasn’t old enough to party with the likes of a pretty cool Madonna in some off-the-beaten-path club in the city, I did still get to experience quite a bit of the 80s  and I look back on it with such fondness.  Collins’ body of work is definitely a highlight and blows me away ’til this day!

Kiddies, if you have no idea who he is, please check him out!

File under: Music to my ears!


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