Photo Credit: TMZ

I am the blogger (I can’t believe I called myself that, ew) who likes much more to expel my own celebrity gossip rather than fish other conglomerate sources for my juice.  However, I have become a bit obsessed with TMZ.  Not the website; I am more  obsessed with the show on Fox!  

It’s not only my fascination with how celebrities are slowly becoming slightly enamored with Harvey Levin’s band of videographers/photographers/stalkers but more so with just how funny the cast of “researchers/producers” on the show are.  These merry cubicle-dwellers are hilarious and it all conspires to be some pretty off-the-cuff fare!  As I am one who has a penchant for deadpan humor, I totally can appreciate them all and want to hear from this peanut gallery.  Seriously some of them have to be like nightclub comedians on their time off.  

Levin isn’t too shabby himself.  He’s pretty darn witty and is a lot more book smart than people probably think!  What they cannot deny is that this man is business-savvy and is not going anywhere anytime soon and neither is his militia for that matter.  America is way too celebrity-obsessed for that.  

And Levin’s thermos with the red straw in it?  Classic!  The leaning against the divider?  Even more classic!  I need to come up with my own trademark thing.  Maybe I will tweak a nipple after every blog post.  Hmmm…  You guys wouldn’t see that though.  Never mind.  

Oh well, keep up the salacious work, guys at TMZ!!!  ME LIKEY!!!

File under: Who is that curly-haired guy in the back.  I think he’s the funniest!


2 Responses to ME LIKEY: TMZ

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