Houston, we DON’T have a problem

whitney_and_cliveLike all the other gays out there, I am waiting with breath so bated for Whitney Houston’s new release, I Look to You.  I am sure, in part, it will be an ode to all of the people who stuck by her through all of the hard times!  

There is one thing the dissenters can’t ever take away from Houston and that is her sheer talent.  That’s it!  The woman is darn talented!  People throw aroud the word “diva” way too loosely these days.  There are only a few who deserve this title and Houston is one of them.  

I remember YEARS ago seeing her in concert with my mom and little brother in tow. The seats were nosebleed but it didn’t matter because I was spellbound — even back then — by what I heard fill the auditorium.  She was absolutely amazing!  That night she sang Jennifer Holliday’s mainstay “And I am Telling You”  as one of the evening’s closers and I remember thinking where does one woman get all of that talent.  Of course, being a diva-in-training herself Holliday followed up by saying that Houston wasn’t affected by love and loss, wasn’t bruised and battered enough to sing that song.  Well, fast track to today, and I am  not sure if Holliday would have the same sentiments.  Whitney is a survivor!  Gotta LOVE her! 

I want to wish Whitney a very happy B-DAY.  Gotta LOVE those LEOS; they lead the pack and never follow!

File under: I will always love you!


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