David Casavant: fashion’s TEEN maven?


Photo Credit: DavidCasavant.net

Photo Credit: DavidCasavant.net

A while back, when Papermag’s Peter Davis described this blogger as his “new obsession”, I could have just gagged because he had quickly become mine too.  Yeah, I felt kind of funny following a high-schooler’s blog but…

But, wait, wait, no police, David Casavant was no ordinary high school student.  Not just your cookie-cutter fashion-obsessed teen, he is more connoisseur, knowledgeable about the nuances of fashion.  It was apparent that it isn’t about following trends for him but breaking out of that proverbial fashion box we can often put ourselves in.  Casavant personifies that being fashionable (really fashionable) is something less taught and more inherent.  And that’s why he has a devout following!

This Southern-bred fashionisto’s blog was — and pretty much remains — simply a glimpse into what Casavant wears everyday. From his love of popular fashion brands to his admiration of vintage, Casavant’s style is an amalgamation of eras, moods, and extremes.  What remains?  He always looks flawless — even to get the morning paper!  

Casavant’s posts have waned recently, largely because he is living it up since his move to London after high school graduation.  But frequent posts or not, the archives alone will have you in stitches and possibly even developing a love and appreciation for fashion or something as strong as his.  

 This kid is bound for great things in fashion!  You mark my words!

File under: awwww… too cute!  

Check out his site @ www.davidcasavant.net/


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