Gratuitous: Jon & Kate Separate


Photo Credit: TLC

Photo Credit: TLC

I am so over the coverage of this train-wreck of a family but, here I go anyway: seems tough-as-nails Kate Gosselin breaks her silence on the Today Show with Meredith Vieira.  

For the first time, Kate speaks candidly — including admitting that she still has love for her womanizing, pot-belly, media-whore of a soon-to-be-ex-husband Jon Gosselin (well, at least, the Jon she once knew!) She also confesses she still keeps her wedding ring on so that the kids won’t be upset when she didn’t have on the “married-to-daddy ring”.


The stars of Jon & Kate Plus Eight have been amid a media storm ever since the rumblings of there being “trouble in paradise”.  Truth is, most viewers could see their foundation fraying from early into the first season.  

Kate has been called everything from a ball-buster to a crazie but quickly Jon has become the person-to-hate, as he hangs out with the likes of Michael Lohan (the consummate father-opportunist); has trysts with numerous women; continues to subject the viewing public to his penchant for donning fashions by Ed Hardy.  The latter I think is the biggest offense of them all! 

This all conspires to be a hot I-want-to-call-child-services mess.  There is not only one child amid all of this drama; there are EIGHT!  Ugh.  Come on, guys, get your selfish heads out your asses and think about the kids!

And if I see one more installment of Jon neglecting his children in the background while he panders to whatever media outlet is camped outside his door, I am going to throw up.  At least, Kate is being a bit more subtle about it all!

File under: was it worth it, guys?!?! 


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