Griffin Rocks the Cradle!


Photo Credit: Steve Granitz

Photo Credit: Steve Granitz

My love, Andy Cohen, first mentioned it and, yes, it’s true.  Gay icon and the oh so hilarious one, Kathy Griffin, went to last night’s Teen Choice Awards with none other than Levi Johnston.  This obvious publicity/comic-relief stunt pulled by anyone else and I would be very annoyed or just plain old indifferent but Griffin can do no wrong for me! If you have been watching her hit show D-List, then you know this season is all about the pseudo- and ultra- celebs as she attempts to move up the ranks.  


If you have been under a rock somewhere, Johnston gained notoriety after fathering Bristol Palin’s child and Sarah Palin’s grandchild.  I’d heard that he has been shopping a reality series, obviously milking his “minutes” for as long as he can. Boy, you better go and finish high school — if you haven’t already!  Get your life together so you can start supporting that child!

File under: Kathy, stop being a bad influence!  Hehe.  Love you still!


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