<<REWIND: Who is Jessie James?

topSo I got a pre-official-release copy and listen of 20 year-old Georgia-bred singer, Jessie James’s new self-titled album.  This self-proclaimed “old soul” has some stellar pipes if I do write so myself.  Her voice —  akin to say Christina Aguilera (who she sites as one of her influences) —  is full, rich, and versatile. 

Versatility is what this album provides even in its genres — as it offers rock to pop to even hip-hop (notably, found on the song “Blue Jeans”).  “When I first tried to get a record deal, my real problem was I couldn’t put my music in a single box,” James details.  

That undeniable twang she bellows throughout the album shows this Southern girl’s country influences/roots more than anything though!  While I am not a major fan of country, I do love me some Carrie Underwood and Dixie Chicks from time to time!  I think Jessie James may just get some rotations on my iPOD as well.  There are definitely some infectious tunes on the album.  And how can she go wrong working with the likes of hit songwriter Kara DioGuardi (yes, from American Idol fame) on the her first single “Wanted”; Josh Kear, who wrote Underwood’s “Before He Cheats, and co-penned with James her track “Guilty”; and some other chart-topping creators.  

Take a listen when it hits stores tomorrow! My fave?  “Blue Jeans”!

File under: I never did go country line dancing with you!


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