Big Poppa ain’t so BIG


Photo Credit: TMZ

Photo Credit: TMZ

The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak had been talking up her adulterous-two-timing “Big Poppa” for one and 1/6 seasons now of the Bravo series.  With the name Big Poppa and what Zolciak described as his need to be out of the spotlight because of his noteriety and marital-status, one would think we were talking about some well-known media mogul or something.  In fact, gossip had been running rampant since the first season of Atlanta aired that it was real estate honcho, Lee Najjar.  Guess what?  It’s so true!

Najjar maybe a hit with the Atlanta glitterati but he by no means is a”celebrity” as Zolciak touted nor is he that BIG in stature either.  People have been dying for pictures of the two of them to confirm their suspicions.  Well, they are out thanks to my friends over at TMZ. The photos are from last November surely during one of their illicit trysts.  

Diminutive Najjar’s palacial pad was also featured on MTV’s “Teen Cribs” not too long ago, with his kids and wife in tow.  

I think NeNe was right: keep your legs closed to married men! I still think — much like most of the Housewives — Zolciak is a beautifully train-wrecked hot mess!  I can’t stop watching though!

File under: Stop calling him that!


One Response to Big Poppa ain’t so BIG

  1. yeahh…. did u also know that she had an affair with a police officer at age 16? yeah, HUGE scandal there. Im surprised that hasn’t come out in the show yet. I wrote a post about it on my blog

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