Kate Hate!

JON20KATE20PLUS20EIGHTSeems like you give peacock-do  Kate Gosselin an inch of a compliment and she takes a mile of attitude and dumps it on you.  So yesterday, I reported that she has been faring a little better than her pudgy ex-mate, Jon Gosselin and now  she had to go and ruin everything by being the shrew she’s been known to be called.

Seems on camera during her interview with the Today Show’s Meredith Vieira she was sweet and as humble as a freshly baked apple pie, but behind the scenes?  Things reportedly got a bit rancid.  A NBC insider/staffer told Chicago Sun-Times’ Bill Zwecker that she was acting the “total bitch” to everyone.

File under: are we really surprised?


One Response to Kate Hate!

  1. […] September 8th where he too will detail the reasons for the demise of his 10 year relationship to Kate Gosselin. (Kate previously appeared on the Today Show with her side of […]

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