Chuck Bad-ass!

ed-westwick-chuck-bass-1I heard some rumblings about there being a lip-lock between two male characters on the new season of Gossip Girl.  Many were speculating it was our shy and perpetually-ho-hum, Dan HumphreyEntertainment Weekly reports it is actually already-gayer-than-gay-if-you-ask-me Chuck Bass (played by Ed Westwick).  Seems Chuck will be locking lips with an NYU student adviser named Josh (played by Neal Bledsoe).  Nope, Chuck’s not gay, he’s just gay-for-a-day so his love Blair can get to do a freshman speech.

Well, this is all a major watering-down of the book series that had both Dan’s and Chuck’s characters riding the bi-sexual waves (and even dating one another for a bit).  It’s obvi the show’s creators didn’t want to alienate their prospective devoted female-viewership.  There are probably just as many gays watching so let’s gay it up some more!

(Incidentally, that photo of Westwick was taken right in front of the building across the street from me!  It served as the front of the high school.   Don’t think they will be doing too much shooting there now they are out of high school.  Ugh!)

File under: xoxo


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