Me Likey: Nick Youngquest

Photo Credit: Attitude

Photo Credit: Attitude

OK, so I am not one to go all gaga over some guy with brawn, muscle, piercing eyes, chiseled features, a killer smile, athletic prowess.  OK, I take that back.  I have been recently obsessed with rugby players in the past few years.  There is something very erotic, primal even, about the way they wrestle in that pig-trough way — getting all dingy and sweaty.   Le sigh. Well, there is one who has been garnering much attention from my gays!

On the new cover of UK gay mag Attitude is the fine Aussie specimen and rugby star Nick Youngquest.  It’s their “sex issue” and Youngquest doesn’t seem to mind, saying he actually is “flattered” by all of the attention from his gay fans!  After a brief Google search, you will find out how much he is loved!

File under: Me Likey!  YUM YUM YUM (and I mean YUM) in my TUM TUM


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