Chelsea Handler single?

365501987_3299589e82Hmmmm… According to the New York Daily News, my true love and consummate funny girl, Chelsea Handler is dwelling in Splitsville, CA.  The paper reports the late-night talk-show queen and her longtime boyfriend, “silver fox”, and TV exec honcho, Ted Harbert have called it quits.  They share a LA pad but seems Handler has asked him to move out and take up home some place else.

Now, Handler — a comedienne who never shies away from revealing all the intimate details of her life — seems hush hush about these developments if they are indeed true.  Not too long ago she even gushed about (well, not so much, lovingly ridiculed maybe) Harbert’s dancing skills and I thought this cute couple were still helplessly in love.

From its inception, many have called this relationship a matter of convenience for Handler, as it aligned/coincided with the revamp of her at-the-time fledgling show on E!  I never bought those rumors.  Hope it all works out!  I LOVE her!

File under: Isn’t she like one of the funniest women out there?


One Response to Chelsea Handler single?

  1. Elena says:

    I think she is very funny and I like her show alot. She could do better.

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