Gratuitous: Celeb Sex Tapes

lights-camera-action1I know, I know, everyone has been saying it for so long but I am truly TRULY truly  so sick and tired of these “clandestine” tapes, photos, and other tawdry/raunchy paraphernalia of our beloved celebs (many pseduo-) making their way to the insatiable viewing masses. With Lindsey Lohan recently a “victim”,Vanessa Hudgens at it again showcasing the lady bits, and Twilight star Ashley Green now in the nudie spotlight, you got to wonder how some of these celebs can tie their shoelaces much less remember their lines!  Just plain carelessness — especially since there are so many glowing examples of why they shouldn’t even partake in these sort of festivities.

Has anyone noticed that these said “leaks” have been rampant and concentrated after the sudden rise into infamy of those like Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton?  Has anyone noticed that it is miraculously happening to celebs as they either mount their cusp of fame or, more importantly, as they plummet their way down?

Honestly, I believe for many of them, they for sure have a hand in some of it — either by leaking it themselves or making it too easy for someone to pilfer.  If not, this stuff would be in vaults/safes/in the pouch of some trust-worthy marsupial.   I don’t know.  Just a mess and G-R-A-T-U-I-T-O-U-S!

File under: Wait, I so have to get to my place!  I have some things to hide… Ugh!


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