Chuck Bad-ass!

August 26, 2009

ed-westwick-chuck-bass-1I heard some rumblings about there being a lip-lock between two male characters on the new season of Gossip Girl.  Many were speculating it was our shy and perpetually-ho-hum, Dan HumphreyEntertainment Weekly reports it is actually already-gayer-than-gay-if-you-ask-me Chuck Bass (played by Ed Westwick).  Seems Chuck will be locking lips with an NYU student adviser named Josh (played by Neal Bledsoe).  Nope, Chuck’s not gay, he’s just gay-for-a-day so his love Blair can get to do a freshman speech.

Well, this is all a major watering-down of the book series that had both Dan’s and Chuck’s characters riding the bi-sexual waves (and even dating one another for a bit).  It’s obvi the show’s creators didn’t want to alienate their prospective devoted female-viewership.  There are probably just as many gays watching so let’s gay it up some more!

(Incidentally, that photo of Westwick was taken right in front of the building across the street from me!  It served as the front of the high school.   Don’t think they will be doing too much shooting there now they are out of high school.  Ugh!)

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Twilight in My Eye!

August 10, 2009


Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

OK, so I continuously realize how out-of-the-loop (code word: old) I am getting.  I mean I still haven’t seen the Twilight movie.  And, don’t get me started on how I have never seen a Harry Potter movie ever.  It could have less to do with my age and more to do with the fact that I have an utter hate of the fantastical.  Give me real any day over androids, serpents, beasts, and the smurfs.  No, I love those blue things!  I also love some hot pale-faced vampires so I think I am going to have to check this Twilight movie out.


Anyway, for my tweens out there — and I know most of you know this already — your beloved movie has swept the Teen Choice Awards away with 11 wins last night!  

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Us Ones In Between

January 12, 2009

51nfimgrgil_sl500_aa240_OK, so I am not always timely or on the pulse.  Well, I am but I just now have been able to find a medium to express this great characteristic I embody!

Whatever, I may be a few months late but I have another recommendation that some of you may or may not have heard about.  Check out writer Blair Mastbaum’s latest book Us Ones In Between. It is as beautiful as it is harrowing.

Jagged and hurried as the New York City landscape and train system that consume protagonist Kurt’s mind — Mastbaum’s prose and story-telling are undeniably captivating, consuming, heart-wrenching and leaves you on the edge of your seat (no, like, literally).

Kurt is a disillusioned and stumped artist surrounded in a town he is torn between loving and hating — with its upstarts, posers, glitterati and all others he thinks ignore him.  After breaking up with his boyfriend, things take a sharp turn for the worse.  Obsessive, paranoid, agoraphobic and aimless, Kurt is tampering dangerously with what is real and what isn’t.   As things spiral even more out of control, Kurt just may be responsible for the string of subway pushings making the news.

With Mastbaum’s second book under his belt, he is surely becoming the voice of — and the master of detailing the lives of — the outer fringe and the disillusioned youth.  His description of New York City and the counterculture Kurt and many like him belong to there is uncanny and spot-on!

Check out Clay’s Way, Mastbaum’s first book!  It’s also a great read!