Fashion Note: Cassie

August 28, 2009

cassie-300x400(1)I have to admit that I have had more-than-a-little-crush on hottie (and reportedly P Diddy-sig-0ther), Cassie, for quite sometime.  Yeah, as for most, the crush has very little to do with her singing chops/career and more to do with the undeniable fact that she is absolutely GORGEOUS!  Even after chopping quadrants of her hair off to look like a client of a ravenous Edward Scissorhands, I still got love for this exotic beauty.

Obviously taking some advice from her reported beau about longevity and diversifying, Cassie is said to be starting her own line this coming fall.  According to the budding mogul will do a collaboration with the label DimePiece.  The line within a line called Nine Lives will feature tee shirts.

File under: YUM!  I need a gay intervention, yet again.  Pass me those platforms circa 1995, STAT!


Me Likey: Brad Goreski

August 26, 2009
Photo Credit: Paper Mag

Photo Credit: Paper Mag

Is it just me or are there others out there who are just absolutely obsessed with The Rachel Zoe Project’s Brad Goreski?  Truly Bravo’s hit show break-out star, Goreski had quickly became my guilty pleasure!  I kept my adoration at bay too long for fear I would be subject of ridicule or some revocation of a “cool card” I never truly had in the first place.  But I am here, I am queer, and ME LIKEY him!

Yeah, so when a light glimmers on him in a certain fashion, Goreski can resemble a cuter Too Close for Comfort’s attic-dwelling Monroe Ficus.  Yeah, so he can be over-the-top campy but there is still something so endearing about the specs-wearing, bow tie-sporting fashionisto and I can’t get enough. Not to mention he’s pretty darn funny too.  Me likey, me likey a lot!

It’s no surprise — much to my chagrin, as our personalities are so similar — ill-disposed Taylor Jacobson was someone I had to hate last season.  As she berated my cutey-pie Goreski — even making him cry on numerous occasions —  I just couldn’t get in her corner no matter how hard I tried. This season though,  their relationship seems to have morphed into some pseudo-amicable thing. We’ll see how long that lasts!

Anyhoo, the fashion-mongrel I am, I thought I would be helplessly glued to see what Zoe was up to but I find myself, much like last season, more interested in the foibles of her two assistants.  This season seems full of over-the-top fashion-related drama… and I am loving every minute of it!


Channing Tatum’s Bum?

August 12, 2009

channing_tatum_99According to US Magazine, seems sexy G.I. Joe star and newly-married Channing Tatum has a sordid past.  Now, this sexy specimen can do no wrong for me but a cheesey strip tease where he undresses to a thong?  Hmmm… I don’t know. OK, OK, I am fine with it!

Video leaked online recently of the stripper-turned-model-turned-future-star gyrating into infamy.  The footage features an 18 year-0ld Tatum dancing with a few other male exotic dancers, stripping down to his undies and then following it up by giving the surely-salivating ladies in attendance lap dances.

Seems he was paid a whopping $50 a night for a peak at his naughty man bits at the now defunct establishment.

File under: Tatum, I still love you!


August 12, 2009


Seems like one Perez Hilton site isn’t enough.  The queen-bee of the gossip swarm is about to launch a new venture, CocoPerez, according to those over at Econsultancy.  The fashion blog will meld “content, shopping, and celebrities to create a unique community for trendsetters, fashion industry influencers and celebrities to go to for inspiration.”

Seems like Hilton wants to branch out.  I say kudos ’cause we all know how fashionable and on-the-pulse of what’s next and great in fashion the ultra-fine-hottie Perez can be.  I so can’t wait to see what fashion advice is given!  I love me some pink-haired zoftig MESSES.  Can’t get enough.  Yum!

File under: N-O-T!

David Casavant: fashion’s TEEN maven?

August 10, 2009


Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

A while back, when Papermag’s Peter Davis described this blogger as his “new obsession”, I could have just gagged because he had quickly become mine too.  Yeah, I felt kind of funny following a high-schooler’s blog but…

But, wait, wait, no police, David Casavant was no ordinary high school student.  Not just your cookie-cutter fashion-obsessed teen, he is more connoisseur, knowledgeable about the nuances of fashion.  It was apparent that it isn’t about following trends for him but breaking out of that proverbial fashion box we can often put ourselves in.  Casavant personifies that being fashionable (really fashionable) is something less taught and more inherent.  And that’s why he has a devout following!

This Southern-bred fashionisto’s blog was — and pretty much remains — simply a glimpse into what Casavant wears everyday. From his love of popular fashion brands to his admiration of vintage, Casavant’s style is an amalgamation of eras, moods, and extremes.  What remains?  He always looks flawless — even to get the morning paper!  

Casavant’s posts have waned recently, largely because he is living it up since his move to London after high school graduation.  But frequent posts or not, the archives alone will have you in stitches and possibly even developing a love and appreciation for fashion or something as strong as his.  

 This kid is bound for great things in fashion!  You mark my words!

File under: awwww… too cute!  

Check out his site @

Me Likey: Kardashian Goes Blonde

August 10, 2009

58080782I think Patti LaBelle sang it right: I’m wearing a new dress, new hair, brand new ideas, as a matter of fact I’ve changed for good. Twitter-land and her a website abuzz — Kim Kardashian had been gearing everyone up for some major surprise while getting ready for yesterday’s Teen Choice Awards.  Turns out the newly-single (Reggie Bush are you crazy!?!?!), Kardashian has gone blonde. You know what?  Me Likey!

Well, I find Kardashian to be drop-dead gorgeous!  Though I do love her as a brunette, especially with her dark exotic features, I think this color blonde is very complimentary.  She looks flawless to me!

File under: you go you, Armenian Marilyn Monroe!

Gratuitous: Lace Wigs

August 7, 2009

Lace_Front_Wig.160190638_stdYet another installment… 

Tyra does it, Beyonce does it, Wendy Williams does it, so why not you?  Because your ass is not on TV!!!  I am so tired of seeing ordinary women on the street sporting lace wigs.  Yes, if you have a condition that causes hair loss, then wigs seem a plausible thing, but if you are an un-afflicted girl and want an alternative to a weave, then just keep your hair short!

Regardless of what people may say about the natural hairline this wig supposedly gives, it seems only so under bright camera lights because I can see these frauds a mile away on average-Jane walking the streets.

Actually some of the hairlines on these wigs are downright alien-esque!  At least get it done by a professional!

File under: Hair today, hopefully gone tomorrow!