Jon Gosselin tells his sad sad tale!

September 3, 2009

57981223Though it very well should be a little too late to be seeking sympathy from the masses, Jon Gosselin of TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus Eight—  who has been TOOLing it up everywhere these days — wants it, wants it bad.  And he’s not afraid to boo-hoo his way further into tool-dom to get it either.

He will be appearing on ABC’s Primetime September 8th where he too will detail the reasons for the demise of his 10 year relationship to Kate Gosselin. (Kate previously appeared on the Today Show with her side of things.)

He says that he was taking “a lot of abuse” from Kate and complains extensively that while she was out promoting her book and the show (that they both share the bill on mind you) poor little A+-for-no-effort father was at home taking care of the kids.  Boo hoo.

He also talks about the manly man incident when the cops were called to their Pennsylvania home.  Apparently, he wouldn’t let Kate in the gate because he wanted to ostensibly spend more time with his kids.  The cops were called and Jon gloats that Kate’s waterworks didn’t well…work and she had to leave.

File under: Can this guy get any more annoying?  Um, I guess.  One more Ed Hardy ill-fitting shirt or psedu-celeb trip to Vegas or torrid story of him using his fame from a show about him and his 8 kids to get chicks and I think I will just barf.  Why would any woman give this man the time of day!


Gratuitous: Celeb Sex Tapes

August 27, 2009

lights-camera-action1I know, I know, everyone has been saying it for so long but I am truly TRULY truly  so sick and tired of these “clandestine” tapes, photos, and other tawdry/raunchy paraphernalia of our beloved celebs (many pseduo-) making their way to the insatiable viewing masses. With Lindsey Lohan recently a “victim”,Vanessa Hudgens at it again showcasing the lady bits, and Twilight star Ashley Green now in the nudie spotlight, you got to wonder how some of these celebs can tie their shoelaces much less remember their lines!  Just plain carelessness — especially since there are so many glowing examples of why they shouldn’t even partake in these sort of festivities.

Has anyone noticed that these said “leaks” have been rampant and concentrated after the sudden rise into infamy of those like Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton?  Has anyone noticed that it is miraculously happening to celebs as they either mount their cusp of fame or, more importantly, as they plummet their way down?

Honestly, I believe for many of them, they for sure have a hand in some of it — either by leaking it themselves or making it too easy for someone to pilfer.  If not, this stuff would be in vaults/safes/in the pouch of some trust-worthy marsupial.   I don’t know.  Just a mess and G-R-A-T-U-I-T-O-U-S!

File under: Wait, I so have to get to my place!  I have some things to hide… Ugh!

Gratuitous: my usage of the word “seems”

August 13, 2009

stop_signOK, so I am not exempt from being a victim.  I definitely have to be in this next installment of G-R-A-T-U-I-T-O-U-S.  

There are a number of things I do ’til nauseam and the one that has been annoying me a lot recently?  Well, instead of writing “reportedly” or some other really cool journalistic/blogtastic alternative, I have been overusing “seems”.  Ugh.  I am so done with myself!

File under: Seems recently francislewis has been a torching MESS!  (Just can’t stop, can I?)

Gratuitous: Jon & Kate Separate

August 10, 2009


Photo Credit: TLC

Photo Credit: TLC

I am so over the coverage of this train-wreck of a family but, here I go anyway: seems tough-as-nails Kate Gosselin breaks her silence on the Today Show with Meredith Vieira.  

For the first time, Kate speaks candidly — including admitting that she still has love for her womanizing, pot-belly, media-whore of a soon-to-be-ex-husband Jon Gosselin (well, at least, the Jon she once knew!) She also confesses she still keeps her wedding ring on so that the kids won’t be upset when she didn’t have on the “married-to-daddy ring”.


The stars of Jon & Kate Plus Eight have been amid a media storm ever since the rumblings of there being “trouble in paradise”.  Truth is, most viewers could see their foundation fraying from early into the first season.  

Kate has been called everything from a ball-buster to a crazie but quickly Jon has become the person-to-hate, as he hangs out with the likes of Michael Lohan (the consummate father-opportunist); has trysts with numerous women; continues to subject the viewing public to his penchant for donning fashions by Ed Hardy.  The latter I think is the biggest offense of them all! 

This all conspires to be a hot I-want-to-call-child-services mess.  There is not only one child amid all of this drama; there are EIGHT!  Ugh.  Come on, guys, get your selfish heads out your asses and think about the kids!

And if I see one more installment of Jon neglecting his children in the background while he panders to whatever media outlet is camped outside his door, I am going to throw up.  At least, Kate is being a bit more subtle about it all!

File under: was it worth it, guys?!?! 

Gratuitous: Perez Hilton, a rebel rouser?

August 8, 2009

perez-hiltonDon’t want to hate on a fellow blogger (there I go again; I am so not a blogger).  Anyhoo, but I am so tired of the reports on Perez Hilton being a rebel rouser and a meanie and a slob and a hater and a hypocrite…  Well, the list can go on.  Again, this is all fodder fueling the um… meanie…. OK, he is a meanie!  Though I think of him more as an opportunist and a successful one at that!  I don’t think I can blame him or hate on him for that.  The only thing I would say is to publish things that are factual!

I say if you read his stuff with enough gusto like I know people do, then you should just sit back and take it like a man/womMAN!  We can’t hate a man that gets as much attention as he does; he lavishes in it!

File under: he who throws stones in glass houses!

Gratuitous: Lace Wigs

August 7, 2009

Lace_Front_Wig.160190638_stdYet another installment… 

Tyra does it, Beyonce does it, Wendy Williams does it, so why not you?  Because your ass is not on TV!!!  I am so tired of seeing ordinary women on the street sporting lace wigs.  Yes, if you have a condition that causes hair loss, then wigs seem a plausible thing, but if you are an un-afflicted girl and want an alternative to a weave, then just keep your hair short!

Regardless of what people may say about the natural hairline this wig supposedly gives, it seems only so under bright camera lights because I can see these frauds a mile away on average-Jane walking the streets.

Actually some of the hairlines on these wigs are downright alien-esque!  At least get it done by a professional!

File under: Hair today, hopefully gone tomorrow!

Gratuitous: Blog Strikethroughs!

August 6, 2009

120px-Gtk-strikethrough.svgHere’s another installment of what I deem really annoying gratuitous!  OK, so I love punctuation.  I have been known to use one too many ellipses (the three dot thing… for my not-so-inclined folks) and an errant semicolon here and there but there are just way too many bloggers abusing the whole strikethrough thing.  I know many of them think it’s funny and so avante-garde cool.  But not really!

So let’s keep to a minimum please!

File under: Ahhhhhh!