Hibernation Over!

June 9, 2009

h2023OK, so, I know my devotees are wondering where in the world is Carmen Sandiego.  Oh yeah, and some of you are also wondering where in the world  have I been as well.

Do tell?  Do tell?  Well, let me preface this by stating that the hibernation, sabbatical, whatever is over.  No, there was no frivolity involved.  I actually spent these months raising millions upon millions for that great and ever-so-dependent nonprofit I have been doing development for this past year.  In the process, I have neglected you all and I apologize.

Pro-social endeavors aside, the B-I-T-C-H is back!  And he’s GAY-er, CATTY-er, and full of enough gossip and entertainment and fashion musings that he could just spew!   So all better be weary!

It’s a new dawn; it’s a new day; it’s a new site and no one is immune from my wrath.

Stay tuned!


francislewis… and HIS LITTLE BLOG too!


Intros Are In Order

January 7, 2009

streetlife1OK. So this is officially my first BLOG entry. I always thought it rather weird… the idea of blogging. Seemed too assumptive that someone (with an iota of a life anyway) would really want to read my silly musings. However, I also realize it is a grand way to keep in communication with friends, family, foes and otherwise.

Ultimately, I guess I made the decision to finally move forward after reading a few too many BLOGS! I mean if one could spew about the virtues of IRAs or NRAs or NBAs or LAMBDAs (pronounced Lamb-Days for poetic license sake… I don’t know… just bear with me here) then why can’t I be equally as boring and BLOG THE SPOTLIGHT (NOTE: I also have this adjunct career in marketing… notice the brand identity there!!!). If they can do it, so can I. I shall!

There is this issue of whether I want to be transparent or opaque. You know? I mean, of course, that’s a moot point when I write entries about other people in my life. I mean, come on, of course, I will… break all sorts of codes and tell all their third-person business, including sexual proclivities, bank statement balances, SS#s, favorite colors, breakdown of yearly charitable donations and passed-down familial mental disorders. No, no, no, I am kidding. Don’t worry, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, I won’t tell about those webbed toes you, your father, and his father are unfortunate to share.

Truth is though I don’t know whether I should really give all of me, like I would to some internet-based diary or should I just skirt over the truth with funny quips, pictures, and links and banners to stuff people really could care less about. Who knows where I will take this. (Though if you are reading this and know me, truly know me, suffice to say things will lean more on the transparent side of things as I have never been one to keep my trap shut. )

As I consider msyelf a pseduo-writer, a literary subpar homo-genius, then I guess this is an outlet I will consider and see how it goes. No, Mom, seriously, I am a writer. Ask anyone. (If you can find her, you may even ask Mrs. Hunter, my ninth grade English teacher. She told me I was. Whatever! I am NOT going to ever be a doctor! Deal with it!)

Anyway, we are what we eat and truth be told I must be full of cheese, those macadamia nut cookies from Subway and writer. Yeah, I did have an encounter at a bookstore with this second-time-around novelist (who shall remain anonymous until he either A.) sells a book B.) has the foresight to create a character in my likeness for one of his straight-to-the-sales-rack books). Anyway, so we are what we eat. So I am a writer; just a writer who may need penicillin in a few day’s time. But, shoot, my sister is allergic to shell fish and still she eats the stuff! By the way, the tiles on the bathroom floors at Barnes & Noble are ruthless on the kneecaps.

Anyway, if you haven’t noticed, I have started! This is going to be an outlet for me to expel all sorts of things floating in this dull head of mine. So friends, family and, yes, foes be weary! No one is immune. I will do just about anything to BLOG THE SPOTLIGHT (there we go again!). There are some days it will read like a novel; there are some days it will read like a poem; there are some days when I won’t write at all; there are some days I’ll expect an errant, crazed, and apparently costly call from one of my “close friends” who seem to have nothing but peak hour talk time on their phone (I mean come on!).

I do hope I am not as uninteresting as I think I am. I am sure you will let me know! (Actually, if you know me, really know me, you probably wouldn’t let me know as I can be rather scary to be honest with sometimes. However, I grant you permission!)

Here goes…