Missing: Small Wonder…ful

August 27, 2009

Small Wonder

Le sigh!  The 80s!

Now, tell me  you remember that cute and adorable little girl-bot, Vicki,  from the show Small Wonder.

That monotone voice;  those hijinks; that memorable frilly red and white dress and hair bow; that annoying red-head next door neighbor — I couldn’t ever get enough.

Tiffany Marie Brissette, who played Vicki, has been “missing” for sometime (her last acting gig was in 1991) and only recently came out of hiding on Fox’s The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet early this year!

I am not sure if it would be feasible to have a reunion show.  There would be something awfully disturbing if she was still donning that uniform that seemed more maid’s outfit than cutesy adolescent robot garb.  Still, it is time they bring this stuff back into heavy rotation somewhere.   TV Land?

File under: I remember watching that and then watching Out of This World!


<<REWIND Yet Missing: Jesse Powell

August 10, 2009

PowellMISSINGRemember Jesse Powell?  Whatever happened to him?  Well, he is going to be the inaugural subject of my new feature: M-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!

In the late 90s, after relentless comparisons to a then very popular Baby Face, Powell seemed destined for either fame or failure.  His self-titled first release got him a lot of buzz and had some moderate hits but it wasn’t until his sophomore album, 1998’s ‘Bout it and its powerhouse ballad You, where Powell started getting some much-warranted mass appeal.    

His last album release was in 2003!  There aren’t too many men out there who could claim a four octave range and we want you back, Jesse!  I am sending my troops!

File under: Who should I put on the job!?!?