DJ AM Found Dead

August 29, 2009

1190762389.37208.57258According to a number of news sources, Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein was found dead in his New York City apartment on Friday.  

Star Magazine reports a rep for the deejay said “The circumstances surrounding his death are unclear” but the mag expects it is “a drug-related death.”

Formerly the beau of Nicole Richie, DJ AM narrowly avoided death last September after a plan he shared with Blink 182’s drummer Travis Barker crashed.  

Twitter  is abuzz with condolences from celebrities and beyond.  A source tells Star that Richie is very distraught and has been crying nonstop since the news was broken to her.  

Rest in peace, DJ AM!


Rest in Peace, Senator!

August 26, 2009

tedkennedywikipediaimageLike many marginalized for whatever reason — be it race, gender, sexuality, so on — I have always had an affinity for those (politicians especially) who render support to those afflicted.  I have to say the Kennedy clan’s long-standing commitment to those historically disenfranchised is a testament to why they are often regarded as  our royalty. They deserve said title!

With the death of 77 year-old Sen. Edward M. Kennedy — the last of the trio of brothers who rocked our political worlds — after a year’s battle with brain cancer, it is time to pay homage and our respect!

May he rest in peace!


Gratuitous: Jon & Kate Separate

August 10, 2009


Photo Credit: TLC

Photo Credit: TLC

I am so over the coverage of this train-wreck of a family but, here I go anyway: seems tough-as-nails Kate Gosselin breaks her silence on the Today Show with Meredith Vieira.  

For the first time, Kate speaks candidly — including admitting that she still has love for her womanizing, pot-belly, media-whore of a soon-to-be-ex-husband Jon Gosselin (well, at least, the Jon she once knew!) She also confesses she still keeps her wedding ring on so that the kids won’t be upset when she didn’t have on the “married-to-daddy ring”.


The stars of Jon & Kate Plus Eight have been amid a media storm ever since the rumblings of there being “trouble in paradise”.  Truth is, most viewers could see their foundation fraying from early into the first season.  

Kate has been called everything from a ball-buster to a crazie but quickly Jon has become the person-to-hate, as he hangs out with the likes of Michael Lohan (the consummate father-opportunist); has trysts with numerous women; continues to subject the viewing public to his penchant for donning fashions by Ed Hardy.  The latter I think is the biggest offense of them all! 

This all conspires to be a hot I-want-to-call-child-services mess.  There is not only one child amid all of this drama; there are EIGHT!  Ugh.  Come on, guys, get your selfish heads out your asses and think about the kids!

And if I see one more installment of Jon neglecting his children in the background while he panders to whatever media outlet is camped outside his door, I am going to throw up.  At least, Kate is being a bit more subtle about it all!

File under: was it worth it, guys?!?! 

Houston, we DON’T have a problem

August 9, 2009

whitney_and_cliveLike all the other gays out there, I am waiting with breath so bated for Whitney Houston’s new release, I Look to You.  I am sure, in part, it will be an ode to all of the people who stuck by her through all of the hard times!  

There is one thing the dissenters can’t ever take away from Houston and that is her sheer talent.  That’s it!  The woman is darn talented!  People throw aroud the word “diva” way too loosely these days.  There are only a few who deserve this title and Houston is one of them.  

I remember YEARS ago seeing her in concert with my mom and little brother in tow. The seats were nosebleed but it didn’t matter because I was spellbound — even back then — by what I heard fill the auditorium.  She was absolutely amazing!  That night she sang Jennifer Holliday’s mainstay “And I am Telling You”  as one of the evening’s closers and I remember thinking where does one woman get all of that talent.  Of course, being a diva-in-training herself Holliday followed up by saying that Houston wasn’t affected by love and loss, wasn’t bruised and battered enough to sing that song.  Well, fast track to today, and I am  not sure if Holliday would have the same sentiments.  Whitney is a survivor!  Gotta LOVE her! 

I want to wish Whitney a very happy B-DAY.  Gotta LOVE those LEOS; they lead the pack and never follow!

File under: I will always love you!

Charles Perez in Battle

August 9, 2009

charles%20perezThe guys I love over at TMZ have recently reported that Charles Perez — after being demoted from his original nightly news post over at an ABC Miami affiliate for being “gayer than the public can handle” — has now been fired after he filed suit.  

I mean how gay is too gay for the public?  Was he walking around in a boa and ass-less chaps?  Who would see the ass-less chaps anyway?  He is behind a desk! Ha.  No, but let’s not be ridiculous here.  It’s the news!  How many ways can you gay that up?  Well, one of the theories is that it has nothing to do with his on-air appeal at all and stemmed from a private email one of Perez’s former boyfriends sent to his bosses.  Seems the sharp-as-nails bosses interpreted the email between Perez and his therapist as a desire to have a sex change operation.  

I feel like I grew up with Perez in a way.  In recent years, I have seen him take over for anchors on ABC New York-side.  I really remember Perez from way back on his Ricki Lake-esque talk show “The Charles Perez Show”.  But, even before that, I remember him on the first season of the “Real World”.  He had a brief-yet-memorable pairing with Norm, if you recall.  Remember when they went to the rally together and sat cuddling on the grassy knoll?  Back then, he was trying desperately to keep his sexuality a secret and I think that was what lead to the demise of his burgeoning relationship with Norm.  Norm cried and cried!  Awww!  

Anyway, Perez is suing and he has every right to.  I am so sick of the archaic!  Just let the man be and do his job!  I mean look at Sam Champion!  I am still not sure if he came out yet but, if you remember from another post, when you walk around the city in frayed cut off shorts and rollerblades, doesn’t leave very much to the imagination.  Maybe New York is just a bit more forward-thinking and forgiving (even the gays should be mad about the cutoff shorts)!  

File under: And remember those steely blue eyes?  Wish you luck, Perez!

Adam Lambert gay? No!!!!!

June 10, 2009

adam-lambertRolling Stone has released a sneak peak of its most highly-anticipated article featuring American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert.  In it, he says he is in fact… wait… wait… wait for it… G-A-Y.  Stunner, I know!  I mean the shots of his beaming boyfriend in the audience during the competition and the hoards of pictures of him in varying states of drag-dress truly aren’t enough.  We need to hear it from the horse’s mouth and dedicate a cover story to it!  It’s the only thing left!

Sequin jackets aside, I think Lambert is actually a very talented singer and if he has some great songs in his corner, I think he should be a major success.  It’s sad that the issue of his sexuality has clouded much else but I don’t know if I expected much else.  What I can appreciate is that he is willing to set it straight that he is “proud” and readily “embraces” his sexuality!  Kudos to you, Adam.  I know a lot of celebrities who should do the same.

Does anyone else think his voice is reminiscent of Axl Rose?  I was waiting all season for him to sing a Guns N’ Roses’ song then I remembered that Rose probably would never give clearance for any of his songs on A.I.  Though we did get to see Lambert with Slash.  I guess that’s as close as we are going to get.

File under gratuitous outings.

Congratulations, Emil!

June 10, 2009

emil-wilbekin-photo_highresNow, as a young buck straight out of college, I had this notion — no matter how grandiose it may seem in retrospect —  I would be a journalist of epic proportions.  I would change my readership’s fusty notions of what was fashionable, what was great music and what was the next hot thing.  After realizing way too quickly perhaps that my unorthodox way of delivering my musings were more suited for the creative writing fare, I spent sometime not rocking the boat as a journalist, then ditched the dreams all together.   (And, yes, a few in flux novels later, I revert back to my unrequited first love: writing to the masses.)

With that all written, no one can say that shaping the world’s mind about fashion, music, and culture in general is not possible.  I honestly believe that Emil Wilbekin is one of the most influential and underrated masterminds in the publishing industry there is.  Seems everything he touches turns golden.

Wilbekin, the former Editor-in-Chief of Vibe magazine, in my opinion, single-handedly made the publication a fashion bible, taking what was deemed only suitable for urban appeal and making it a household name and resource guide!  During Wilbekin’s tenure, this was the first time the publication saw ads from the likes of Gucci and Louis Vuitton.  Some called it the watering-down of a gritty hip hop publication but I call it a lucrative, business-savvy, creative, and a smart move.

Wilbekin also took Giant magazine into the same stratosphere during his tenure there as its Editor-in-Chief.  And formerly the VP of Brand Development for mega-brand Marc Ecko, I am sure he had a lot do with its progression into a more sleek and sophisticated urban brand as well.

It has been recently announced that Wilbekin will now be Managing Editor of and I am so proud of him!  I reached out to him way back when and he was more than kind to me, giving me some really sound advice. They say is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing and popular web-based magazines and I am sure he will take into even greater heights.

File under my mentor!