Me Likey: Kardashian Goes Blonde

August 10, 2009

58080782I think Patti LaBelle sang it right: I’m wearing a new dress, new hair, brand new ideas, as a matter of fact I’ve changed for good. Twitter-land and her a website abuzz — Kim Kardashian had been gearing everyone up for some major surprise while getting ready for yesterday’s Teen Choice Awards.  Turns out the newly-single (Reggie Bush are you crazy!?!?!), Kardashian has gone blonde. You know what?  Me Likey!

Well, I find Kardashian to be drop-dead gorgeous!  Though I do love her as a brunette, especially with her dark exotic features, I think this color blonde is very complimentary.  She looks flawless to me!

File under: you go you, Armenian Marilyn Monroe!



August 8, 2009

twitter_logo_headerWell, I am on Twitter, guys!  I am not saying to follow me on there because I am still trying to figure it all out and I am not sure how often I can update but we’ll see.  😉