Jon Gosselin tells his sad sad tale!

September 3, 2009

57981223Though it very well should be a little too late to be seeking sympathy from the masses, Jon Gosselin of TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus Eight—  who has been TOOLing it up everywhere these days — wants it, wants it bad.  And he’s not afraid to boo-hoo his way further into tool-dom to get it either.

He will be appearing on ABC’s Primetime September 8th where he too will detail the reasons for the demise of his 10 year relationship to Kate Gosselin. (Kate previously appeared on the Today Show with her side of things.)

He says that he was taking “a lot of abuse” from Kate and complains extensively that while she was out promoting her book and the show (that they both share the bill on mind you) poor little A+-for-no-effort father was at home taking care of the kids.  Boo hoo.

He also talks about the manly man incident when the cops were called to their Pennsylvania home.  Apparently, he wouldn’t let Kate in the gate because he wanted to ostensibly spend more time with his kids.  The cops were called and Jon gloats that Kate’s waterworks didn’t well…work and she had to leave.

File under: Can this guy get any more annoying?  Um, I guess.  One more Ed Hardy ill-fitting shirt or psedu-celeb trip to Vegas or torrid story of him using his fame from a show about him and his 8 kids to get chicks and I think I will just barf.  Why would any woman give this man the time of day!


<<REWIND: Scream

June 10, 2009

cover-front-chris-cornell-scream-2009I have never been one to heed the advice of critics.  Personally, I know quite a few journalists who take pleasure in panning an album without giving it a proper listen because frankly it’s more fodder for an article than glorifying one.  

In any event, during my time away, I have been listening to Chris Cornell’s latest release Scream which hasn’t gotten much critical acclaim but surely deserves it!  Cornell, from Soundgarden and Audioslave fame, has put together what I could only describe as diary entries you could/should dance to.  Confessions on a Dance Floor  may have been a term Madonna coined but Scream  seems to have truly made this its maxim.  Teeming with accounts of infidelity, drug abuse, and relationships gone awry — the album is Cornell’s something-to-say and is worth the listen.   

Mixing the ever-present hip-hop and R&B stylings of mega-producer Timbaland against Cornell’s raspy and hard-edge vocals produced an album reminiscent of say Portishead.  Though Timbaland and Cornell seem a duo that could have been like oil and water, it does mix well! 

My favorite song on the album has to be “Part of Me.”  Check it out!