<<REWIND: Greg Scarnici's “12 Inch Freak”

September 3, 2009

Photo Credit: Jeff Eason

Photo Credit: Jeff Eason

TMZ, Perezhilton, MTV and many others are in love with Greg Scarnici, the New York comedian who has been a viral video hit with over seven million hits.  His parodies of Britney Spears, Beyonce, Amy Winehouse and others have garnered him a lot of attention and it’s time to capitalize, baby.  You go, boy!

Scarnici has 12 inches for his fans and he wants you to put it in your slot.  Your CD-rom (to transfer to ITunes) and/or CD player of course!  He will release 12 Inch Freak, an album that moves away from ripping apart the celebs and instead parodies dance music genres such as Hip Hop, New Wave, House, Electro, Slow Jam.

Some of the singles featured will be the ode to bisexuality “Curious” (featured on MTV), “Oooh…Yeah…”, “I Wanna…” and “Hater Anthem.”  The latter video will debut on September 15th on YouTube.

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Gratuitous: Lace Wigs

August 7, 2009

Lace_Front_Wig.160190638_stdYet another installment… 

Tyra does it, Beyonce does it, Wendy Williams does it, so why not you?  Because your ass is not on TV!!!  I am so tired of seeing ordinary women on the street sporting lace wigs.  Yes, if you have a condition that causes hair loss, then wigs seem a plausible thing, but if you are an un-afflicted girl and want an alternative to a weave, then just keep your hair short!

Regardless of what people may say about the natural hairline this wig supposedly gives, it seems only so under bright camera lights because I can see these frauds a mile away on average-Jane walking the streets.

Actually some of the hairlines on these wigs are downright alien-esque!  At least get it done by a professional!

File under: Hair today, hopefully gone tomorrow!