Me Likey: Brad Goreski

August 26, 2009
Photo Credit: Paper Mag

Photo Credit: Paper Mag

Is it just me or are there others out there who are just absolutely obsessed with The Rachel Zoe Project’s Brad Goreski?  Truly Bravo’s hit show break-out star, Goreski had quickly became my guilty pleasure!  I kept my adoration at bay too long for fear I would be subject of ridicule or some revocation of a “cool card” I never truly had in the first place.  But I am here, I am queer, and ME LIKEY him!

Yeah, so when a light glimmers on him in a certain fashion, Goreski can resemble a cuter Too Close for Comfort’s attic-dwelling Monroe Ficus.  Yeah, so he can be over-the-top campy but there is still something so endearing about the specs-wearing, bow tie-sporting fashionisto and I can’t get enough. Not to mention he’s pretty darn funny too.  Me likey, me likey a lot!

It’s no surprise — much to my chagrin, as our personalities are so similar — ill-disposed Taylor Jacobson was someone I had to hate last season.  As she berated my cutey-pie Goreski — even making him cry on numerous occasions —  I just couldn’t get in her corner no matter how hard I tried. This season though,  their relationship seems to have morphed into some pseudo-amicable thing. We’ll see how long that lasts!

Anyhoo, the fashion-mongrel I am, I thought I would be helplessly glued to see what Zoe was up to but I find myself, much like last season, more interested in the foibles of her two assistants.  This season seems full of over-the-top fashion-related drama… and I am loving every minute of it!