Christina Milian and The-Dream Wedding!

September 9, 2009

christina-milian-and-the-dream000x0493x600For weeks, both either denied it was going to happen or ignored the question all together but according to many sources singer Christina Milian has wedded songwriter and singer The-Dream.  The dream place?  Las Vegas.  The blissful time?  During Labor Day Weekend.  The likelihood that this union will last longer than the time it will take for us to bring out our white garb again?  Doubtful.

There is always something rather foreboding when celebrity couples just on a whim up and do the deed.  There is something to be said about taking your time not to only get to know someone but to include all of your loved ones in the festivities when you do decide to wed.

Celebs can tout over and over again the virtues of wedding under these shot-gun-esque methods to get away from the peering eyes of the paparazzi but everyone knows you can avert the media thunderstorm in other ways as well.  Vegas weddings just always seem so doomed!

Reportedly, the pair will re-wed in Milan soon and may even have a third ceremony for those who were unable to attend the first two.

File under: Overkill?  Noooooo!  Not at all!


<<REWIND: Nelly's "Mi Plan"

September 4, 2009

nelly-furtado-manos-al-aire-300x300_d5e2b39fThough it’s common place in the world of “plastic”, “hollow” music, I am never not amazed that bopper fans like — crave, even — for the artists they love to continue to spew out the same material over and over again.  Change a leading sentiment there or a lyric or two here, regardless of how many years you have been on the scene, and the fans seem content.  I have seen fans drop like flies for artists who try to brave that wave of defying expectations when it comes to follow-up albums.

Let’s take one of my forever true loves Tori Amos for example.  Her move from that “me, and a gun, and a piano” acoustic flare that made her a cultish following in the early 90s to having a full-on band and incorporating synthetic/computerized beats and electrical outlets in the latter part of the 90s seemed a death sentence for her album sales.  Though she still remains the disaffected youth’s queen with very successful tours, it’s her older tunes that get more praise and tour air time than her experimentation since album From the Choir Girl Hotel and on.

Grammy Award-winning Nelly Furtado hasn’t been immune either.  Furtado’s magnum ooopus would probably be her sophomore album Folklore, a brilliantly written and produced romp through culture, loves, life and fame’s effects.  The album was a brave, bold, and artistic move for Furtado but some critics and fans alike panned it, wanting a more happy-go-lucky Furtado, a la her debut Whoa, Nelly! Furtado’s third release Loose seemed more rally cry of all the tricks that worked for her before and, as expected, was a major success, racking sales that surpassed 10million copies.

In a world of very little grey and way too much black and white, Furtado may have finally found a happy medium with the upcoming release of her 4th studio album, Mi Plan.  With a nod to “doing her own thang” she recorded it entirely in Spanish but listen to the first single “Manos Al Aire” and you will definitely hear influences beyond that, incorporating popular beats that will placate her rabid fans.   The single is already an international success.

File Under: Good Luck, Furtado.  LOVE YOU!

Sex, Mobs of Fans, and the City

September 3, 2009

2008_sex_and_the_city_002As expected, fans were out in drones during the first day of shooting for the sequel of Sex and the City. While they filmed on the Upper East Side a single scene of Sarah Jessica Parker hailing a cab, the fans couldn’t get enough, lagging around for hours.  When shooting was over, the potential of hounding wasn’t over but with SJP’s security in tow there’s no getting close to her.  Ostensibly, she told them to be “nice” to the oglers.

Having seen the series shot many times in and around the city, I remember fans hanging around then too but it was much more subdued so much so that you could even hear shady whispers from production as they complained that SJP “takes way too long to get ready.”  Oh, the good days!

What’s weird?  What’s the hubbub all about really?   SJP can be seen walking the streets of NYC (without security I might add) on many given days.  I have had several run-ins with her.  One of which where she stood literally two feet away from me, in front of my building, juggling a Blackberry, another phone, and a Daffy’s bag.  Only SJP could look F-I-E-R-C-E with a Daffy’s bag!

File under: And, yep, everyone is also trying to find out the details of the script as speculations are abound why Carrie does not wear her wedding ring in some scenes shot.

Me Likey: Jason Segel

September 1, 2009

MkqsvclKpqwqo9utvefqNCZdo1_400Is it just me or does anyone else find Jason Segel to be S-E-X-Y?

I know my overly-physique-obsessed gays would probably say this verging-on-portly actor (who has starred and appeared in gems like I Love You, Man; Knocked Up; Slackers; and Forgetting Sara Marshall)  doesn’t cut the mustard.  However, I think not only is he a great comedic actor but he’s for sure someone I would dub a resident francislewis hottie.

Segel plays those boy-next-door and slacker roles really well but under the benign/unassuming surface is a man that’s sexy.  And, oh boy,  am I obsessed with those pout-y lips of his!

Having seen him interact off camera, there seems to be a adversity — or an abashed-ness, if you will — of the spotlight which makes him seem more true actor than popularity hound.  Honestly, that makes him even hotter if you ask me.

File Under: Me Likey!

Fashion Note: Cassie

August 28, 2009

cassie-300x400(1)I have to admit that I have had more-than-a-little-crush on hottie (and reportedly P Diddy-sig-0ther), Cassie, for quite sometime.  Yeah, as for most, the crush has very little to do with her singing chops/career and more to do with the undeniable fact that she is absolutely GORGEOUS!  Even after chopping quadrants of her hair off to look like a client of a ravenous Edward Scissorhands, I still got love for this exotic beauty.

Obviously taking some advice from her reported beau about longevity and diversifying, Cassie is said to be starting her own line this coming fall.  According to the budding mogul will do a collaboration with the label DimePiece.  The line within a line called Nine Lives will feature tee shirts.

File under: YUM!  I need a gay intervention, yet again.  Pass me those platforms circa 1995, STAT!

Kardashian preggers

August 13, 2009

kourtneySo the rumors are true.  Kourtney Kardashian is expecting! I knew she must be really early on in her pregnancy because while she was on Chelsea Lately a few days ago, I saw no noticeable bump.

As she is no longer with that creepy-greaseball-prepster of an ex-fiance, Scott Disick, speculations were running rampant who the father could be. However, on today’s Today, Kardashian did confirm he is the father of their baby due this December.

Congrats, Kardashian!  Kourtney’s new reality show with sis Khloe, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, airs this Sunday.

File under: Nope, I will make no comments about the timing of this all! Nope, will not!  But, just for a second, think about the timing of this all!  😉 No, mom, I am sure she doesn’t have an alarm-clock womb!

Gay in the Family!

August 13, 2009

_images_StewieGriffin2Seth MacFarlane, creator of the cultish Fox cartoon Family Guy, has come out of the closet to Playboy.  Well,  nope, he’s not gay but his endearing, obnoxious, ornery and deeply-beloved character Stewie Griffin sure is.

I mean it was always the assumption but MacFarlane has confirmed, citing even Griffin’s aggression towards his family members and all others as a sign of him grappling with his sexuality.  What a way to intellectualize it all, MacFarlane!; so layered; ha! Initially there was to be a full episode devoted to outing Griffin but it was nixed in favor of keeping it all vague.

File under: they get younger everyday!