Kourtney and Kendra on US Weekly cover

August 27, 2009
Photo Credit: US Weekly

Photo Credit: US Weekly

Kourtney Kardashian and Kendra Baskett are showing off their baby bumps on the cover of the new issue of US Weekly.  In the cover story, each talks about their unplanned pregnancies in detail, their workout regimens, mood swings and cravings!

Kardashian reveals about getting pregnant “I forgot to take the pill a few days in a row…” And then, um, yeah, oops.  While Baskett says “We always hinted to each other from the beginning that we wouldn’t mind having kids soon.”

Check it out on the stands!


Chelsea Handler single?

August 27, 2009

365501987_3299589e82Hmmmm… According to the New York Daily News, my true love and consummate funny girl, Chelsea Handler is dwelling in Splitsville, CA.  The paper reports the late-night talk-show queen and her longtime boyfriend, “silver fox”, and TV exec honcho, Ted Harbert have called it quits.  They share a LA pad but seems Handler has asked him to move out and take up home some place else.

Now, Handler — a comedienne who never shies away from revealing all the intimate details of her life — seems hush hush about these developments if they are indeed true.  Not too long ago she even gushed about (well, not so much, lovingly ridiculed maybe) Harbert’s dancing skills and I thought this cute couple were still helplessly in love.

From its inception, many have called this relationship a matter of convenience for Handler, as it aligned/coincided with the revamp of her at-the-time fledgling show on E!  I never bought those rumors.  Hope it all works out!  I LOVE her!

File under: Isn’t she like one of the funniest women out there?

Me Likey: Hank Baskett

August 10, 2009


Photo Credit: E!

Photo Credit: E!

With E!’s Kendra over and done with this season, this reality tv addict has to say not only does he like the ditsy-yet-endearing former-Hugh Hefner-girlfriend-turned-Playmate, but he is totally enamored with the tall glass of water she married: Hank Baskett.


A wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, Baskett seems oh so sweet and really seems to love Kendra.  Let’s hope this relationship is not destined for doom like so many of the other reality tv couples out there.  

With a baby on the way, I am dying to see how Kendra adapts to life’s last true miracle! Girl, you better get a nanny and quick!  

File under: does he have a gay bro?