Channing Tatum’s Bum?

August 12, 2009

channing_tatum_99According to US Magazine, seems sexy G.I. Joe star and newly-married Channing Tatum has a sordid past.  Now, this sexy specimen can do no wrong for me but a cheesey strip tease where he undresses to a thong?  Hmmm… I don’t know. OK, OK, I am fine with it!

Video leaked online recently of the stripper-turned-model-turned-future-star gyrating into infamy.  The footage features an 18 year-0ld Tatum dancing with a few other male exotic dancers, stripping down to his undies and then following it up by giving the surely-salivating ladies in attendance lap dances.

Seems he was paid a whopping $50 a night for a peak at his naughty man bits at the now defunct establishment.

File under: Tatum, I still love you!