I am Flipping Out over…

August 20, 2009

flipping-out-season-3On its thinly veneered one-dimensional surface, I know I should hate Bravo’s Flipping Out.  I mean it’s OCD-ridden, minutia-harping, ornery star, Jeff Lewis, should be reason enough for this level-headed viewer to tune out and dial into say the latest installment of my DVR-ed Jeopardy. I’ll take REALITY TV for $1,000.

Truth remains though: I actually find Lewis to be rather endearing and downright hilarious most times.  As someone who has worked with the likes of Lewis, I  can appreciate the perfectionism to a fault, the ludicrous requests/demands, and that overall out-of-kilter-ness of creative folk — especially flippers/ specifiers/interior designers/whatever-you-want-to-call-thems.

Add buffers — like adorable Zoila, the fierce me-no-takey-shit housekeeper and Jenni, the calm Zen-master of an assistant — into the Flipping Out mix and we have a show that is a mismatch of temperaments and a wonderful mess of trouble and d-r-a-m-a!

Last season, I witnessed a fellow college alumnus of mine go through the rounds with Lewis, even lasting a whole three months as his assistant.  True, an ivy-league graduate picking up dog poop is a sight I would dub unseen but this said person was also one of the most annoying people I’d ever come across back in those college days so I invited — willed if you will — the trauma Lewis imposed.  Gotta love the effigy!  So effective!

Anyhoo, my own personal demons aside, ha, season 3 seems like it will be every bit as entertaining as seasons before.  Definitely tune in!

File under: Jeff, me likey your two new assistants!  Calling him “she”?  Classic!


Me Likey: Andy Cohen

August 8, 2009

cohen_6-24So the first I laid eyes on this gorgeous specimen known as Andy Cohen was on an after-show special for Bravo’s Flipping Out.   I was smitten right away.  Not only did I find him sexy, smart, and funny but I thought I recognized a bit of camp there too.  I thought to myself: self, he isn’t gay, is he?  Have the gay gods aligned! Have I found my Jewish prince?  Will I have to convert?

He and Jeff Lewis (star of Flipping Out) just seemed like old girlfriends to me but I didn’t want to speculate.  I wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth — notably, say post coitus, as we lay romantically intertwined in our ridiculously high thread-count sheets.  Sorry, total tangent there!!! Anyhoo, of course, it wouldn’t be until an after-show for The Real Housewives of New Jersey that I would get confirmation that Cohen is in fact gay!  All I have to write is ME LIKEY, ME LIKEY A LOT!  

Cohen has a 30 minute late-night talk show out on Bravo called Watch What Happens Live and even his celebrity guests seem smitten with him. This week a gentleman caller on the show said what I have been wanting to say to Cohen for quite sometime: I want to have your Jewish babies!  Well, I don’t know if I would have said it quite like that but that’s the gist of it!   

True, he seems to be getting campier each episode but I see him more pushing an agenda to change America’s fusty notion of what gay is.  You can be camp and masculine, yes.  Wendy Williams does it everyday!  LOVE YOU, Wendy!  

No, but I think Cohen is a great addition to the late night festivities… and I am not just writing that because he’s my future Baby Daddy either!!!  

File under: YUM YUM YUM in my TUM TUM