No American Idol-tery Here!

September 3, 2009

jim_verraros_1Now, I know many wouldn’t have a clue who he is but my gays surely remember American Idol first season contestant Jim Verraros.

Sure, it has nothing to do with his stint on AI and has everything to do with the fact that the out-and-proud and once-portly contestant lost tons of weight and parlayed a career in gay cinema by starring in part of the cult-following-ish Eating Out indie flix series.
Well, Verraros is set to marry his partner of almost four years, Bill Brennan.  The couple met on of all places Myspace and have been inseparable since.  There seems to be a huge age difference between the pair, not to mention some interesting photos of really nice property amid  lavish acreage they probably share.  Wonder who is pulling in the dollars?  Could it be the B-list, psedu-celeb with an indie-flick under his belt?  Or the older gentleman caller with the frosted tips and greying roots?  Hmmm…  I am kidding.  No speculations here.  I am happy for the… gold-digger and the hare…  I mean couple.  I kid, I kid.

File under: Their wedding website is really looking like a Star Jones wedding blitz mishap.


<<REWIND: David Guetta's "One Love"

August 28, 2009

David-Guetta-One-Love-480455I have always thought myself one of the errant few who couldn’t wrap his ear cochlea around dance/house music.  Try and try as I might, there was always something lacking there for me — even when a stellar voice reverberated in the foreground of the what many describe as the “booming” beats of this gay club mainstay.  

A former/reformed raver (or, more appropriately dubbed “party kid”) well before it was ever deemed cool, I was more into the almost carnal throb of drum & bass and/or jungle.  

So color me skeptic but my utter love of David Guetta’s hit and collaboration with former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland “When Love Takes Over” seemed it would be a fluke of epic proportions more than anything else.  Of course, I was surprised when after getting an early listen of Guetta’s new album One Love before its August 25th release (courtesy of his marketing/pr peeps stateside) I was actually grooving to many of the tracks.   

This is Guetta’s 4th studio album and, admittedly, before this release I hadn’t heard of the well-respected producer/DJ, though his career spans almost two decades.  The album is chockfull of some memorable beats all my gays will surely be dancing to — if they aren’t already.  Each collaboration — with the likes of Kelly Rowland,, Ne-Yo, AKON, Estelle — not only highlight some amazing production skills on the part of Guetta but doesn’t shy away from some serious great vocals by the aforementioned and more.

“…infused with all the best flavors of contemporary pop music that will appeal to such a broad audience both on and off the dance floor,” Guetta says of the album.

It is all worth the listen!  Guetta gets nothing but love from me!

File under: My faves: “Sexy Bitch” (collaboration with AKON), the #1 Black Eyed Peas’ hit “I Gotta Feeling” and all of the Rowland collaborations.

Me Likey: Nick Youngquest

August 26, 2009
Photo Credit: Attitude

Photo Credit: Attitude

OK, so I am not one to go all gaga over some guy with brawn, muscle, piercing eyes, chiseled features, a killer smile, athletic prowess.  OK, I take that back.  I have been recently obsessed with rugby players in the past few years.  There is something very erotic, primal even, about the way they wrestle in that pig-trough way — getting all dingy and sweaty.   Le sigh. Well, there is one who has been garnering much attention from my gays!

On the new cover of UK gay mag Attitude is the fine Aussie specimen and rugby star Nick Youngquest.  It’s their “sex issue” and Youngquest doesn’t seem to mind, saying he actually is “flattered” by all of the attention from his gay fans!  After a brief Google search, you will find out how much he is loved!

File under: Me Likey!  YUM YUM YUM (and I mean YUM) in my TUM TUM

Chuck Bad-ass!

August 26, 2009

ed-westwick-chuck-bass-1I heard some rumblings about there being a lip-lock between two male characters on the new season of Gossip Girl.  Many were speculating it was our shy and perpetually-ho-hum, Dan HumphreyEntertainment Weekly reports it is actually already-gayer-than-gay-if-you-ask-me Chuck Bass (played by Ed Westwick).  Seems Chuck will be locking lips with an NYU student adviser named Josh (played by Neal Bledsoe).  Nope, Chuck’s not gay, he’s just gay-for-a-day so his love Blair can get to do a freshman speech.

Well, this is all a major watering-down of the book series that had both Dan’s and Chuck’s characters riding the bi-sexual waves (and even dating one another for a bit).  It’s obvi the show’s creators didn’t want to alienate their prospective devoted female-viewership.  There are probably just as many gays watching so let’s gay it up some more!

(Incidentally, that photo of Westwick was taken right in front of the building across the street from me!  It served as the front of the high school.   Don’t think they will be doing too much shooting there now they are out of high school.  Ugh!)

File under: xoxo

Rest in Peace, Senator!

August 26, 2009

tedkennedywikipediaimageLike many marginalized for whatever reason — be it race, gender, sexuality, so on — I have always had an affinity for those (politicians especially) who render support to those afflicted.  I have to say the Kennedy clan’s long-standing commitment to those historically disenfranchised is a testament to why they are often regarded as  our royalty. They deserve said title!

With the death of 77 year-old Sen. Edward M. Kennedy — the last of the trio of brothers who rocked our political worlds — after a year’s battle with brain cancer, it is time to pay homage and our respect!

May he rest in peace!


Gay in the Family!

August 13, 2009

_images_StewieGriffin2Seth MacFarlane, creator of the cultish Fox cartoon Family Guy, has come out of the closet to Playboy.  Well,  nope, he’s not gay but his endearing, obnoxious, ornery and deeply-beloved character Stewie Griffin sure is.

I mean it was always the assumption but MacFarlane has confirmed, citing even Griffin’s aggression towards his family members and all others as a sign of him grappling with his sexuality.  What a way to intellectualize it all, MacFarlane!; so layered; ha! Initially there was to be a full episode devoted to outing Griffin but it was nixed in favor of keeping it all vague.

File under: they get younger everyday!


August 12, 2009


Seems like one Perez Hilton site isn’t enough.  The queen-bee of the gossip swarm is about to launch a new venture, CocoPerez, according to those over at Econsultancy.  The fashion blog will meld “content, shopping, and celebrities to create a unique community for trendsetters, fashion industry influencers and celebrities to go to for inspiration.”

Seems like Hilton wants to branch out.  I say kudos ’cause we all know how fashionable and on-the-pulse of what’s next and great in fashion the ultra-fine-hottie Perez can be.  I so can’t wait to see what fashion advice is given!  I love me some pink-haired zoftig MESSES.  Can’t get enough.  Yum!

File under: N-O-T!