Christina Milian and The-Dream Wedding!

September 9, 2009

christina-milian-and-the-dream000x0493x600For weeks, both either denied it was going to happen or ignored the question all together but according to many sources singer Christina Milian has wedded songwriter and singer The-Dream.  The dream place?  Las Vegas.  The blissful time?  During Labor Day Weekend.  The likelihood that this union will last longer than the time it will take for us to bring out our white garb again?  Doubtful.

There is always something rather foreboding when celebrity couples just on a whim up and do the deed.  There is something to be said about taking your time not to only get to know someone but to include all of your loved ones in the festivities when you do decide to wed.

Celebs can tout over and over again the virtues of wedding under these shot-gun-esque methods to get away from the peering eyes of the paparazzi but everyone knows you can avert the media thunderstorm in other ways as well.  Vegas weddings just always seem so doomed!

Reportedly, the pair will re-wed in Milan soon and may even have a third ceremony for those who were unable to attend the first two.

File under: Overkill?  Noooooo!  Not at all!


Brody Jenner, Joe Francis: Boys Gone Wild

August 28, 2009
Photo Credit: TMZ

Photo Credit: TMZ

Now, I have no love for any of the parties involved in this crazy story but to hit a lady?  That’s pretty low even for you, Joe Francis!

TMZ reports that Brody Jenner’s wasp-stung lips girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, may be nursing fatter lips after last night’s rumble at an LA nightclub.  Seems Girls Gone Wild creator Francis was hitting “relentlessly” on a mutual friend of Jenner and Nicole’s and when Nicole thought it was a bit too much, she threw a drink on him.

How does the gallant Francis react?  Well, according to Jenner he pulls Nicole’s hair, punches her in the face, and then in a last ditch effort of chivalry, throws her to the ground to only pummel her with kicks.

When both Jenner and Francis were removed from the club, Jenner goes after Francis and punches him in the face.  To add insult to pretty messy injury, Jenner then gets tasered from “someone” (hopefully, a law enforcer and not some random person with a taser gun; who randomly has a taser gun).

Jayde says she will press charges!

File under: Bloody Mess!  See TMZ video HERE!

Kardashian preggers

August 13, 2009

kourtneySo the rumors are true.  Kourtney Kardashian is expecting! I knew she must be really early on in her pregnancy because while she was on Chelsea Lately a few days ago, I saw no noticeable bump.

As she is no longer with that creepy-greaseball-prepster of an ex-fiance, Scott Disick, speculations were running rampant who the father could be. However, on today’s Today, Kardashian did confirm he is the father of their baby due this December.

Congrats, Kardashian!  Kourtney’s new reality show with sis Khloe, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, airs this Sunday.

File under: Nope, I will make no comments about the timing of this all! Nope, will not!  But, just for a second, think about the timing of this all!  😉 No, mom, I am sure she doesn’t have an alarm-clock womb!

Joel Madden baby drama solved?

August 13, 2009

joel_madden-tooth%20tattoos-nicole-richieYesterday, I gave you the scoop about Joel Madden and the baby for sale .  Well, seems like he saw the offending couple of the year on Melrose in Cali and they told him it was all a joke.  On his Twitter page, Madden writes “Ran into the people that tried to sell me their baby today on melrose.Told me to tell you all they were joking. I thought 10k was a bit high.”

File under: real funny, really funny; still calling children’s services!


August 12, 2009


Seems like one Perez Hilton site isn’t enough.  The queen-bee of the gossip swarm is about to launch a new venture, CocoPerez, according to those over at Econsultancy.  The fashion blog will meld “content, shopping, and celebrities to create a unique community for trendsetters, fashion industry influencers and celebrities to go to for inspiration.”

Seems like Hilton wants to branch out.  I say kudos ’cause we all know how fashionable and on-the-pulse of what’s next and great in fashion the ultra-fine-hottie Perez can be.  I so can’t wait to see what fashion advice is given!  I love me some pink-haired zoftig MESSES.  Can’t get enough.  Yum!

File under: N-O-T!

Joel Madden and baby offering

August 12, 2009

1809_JoelMadden-family-pcdgGood Charlotte’s Joel Madden was shocked on the road when mid-traffic a couple tried to sell him a real life goo-goo-gah-gahing baby. 

Nicole Richie’s baby-daddy (they are expecting their second child) says he still isn’t sure if it was all a joke but he said a prayer for tike anyway!

File under: I am calling children’s services!

Jennifer Hud…son?

August 11, 2009

jennifer-hudson-camelReportedly — according to the folks over at the Hollywood Reporter —  Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Monday night.

Now, I know, I know, she gave no official announcement that she was even pregnant!  Well, anyway, reportedly the bouncing baby boy came in at 7 pounds 14 ounces and is named David Daniel Otunga, Jr. (named after her fiance).

File under: Whoa!