I am Flipping Out over…

August 20, 2009

flipping-out-season-3On its thinly veneered one-dimensional surface, I know I should hate Bravo’s Flipping Out.  I mean it’s OCD-ridden, minutia-harping, ornery star, Jeff Lewis, should be reason enough for this level-headed viewer to tune out and dial into say the latest installment of my DVR-ed Jeopardy. I’ll take REALITY TV for $1,000.

Truth remains though: I actually find Lewis to be rather endearing and downright hilarious most times.  As someone who has worked with the likes of Lewis, I  can appreciate the perfectionism to a fault, the ludicrous requests/demands, and that overall out-of-kilter-ness of creative folk — especially flippers/ specifiers/interior designers/whatever-you-want-to-call-thems.

Add buffers — like adorable Zoila, the fierce me-no-takey-shit housekeeper and Jenni, the calm Zen-master of an assistant — into the Flipping Out mix and we have a show that is a mismatch of temperaments and a wonderful mess of trouble and d-r-a-m-a!

Last season, I witnessed a fellow college alumnus of mine go through the rounds with Lewis, even lasting a whole three months as his assistant.  True, an ivy-league graduate picking up dog poop is a sight I would dub unseen but this said person was also one of the most annoying people I’d ever come across back in those college days so I invited — willed if you will — the trauma Lewis imposed.  Gotta love the effigy!  So effective!

Anyhoo, my own personal demons aside, ha, season 3 seems like it will be every bit as entertaining as seasons before.  Definitely tune in!

File under: Jeff, me likey your two new assistants!  Calling him “she”?  Classic!