<<REWIND: Nelly's "Mi Plan"

September 4, 2009

nelly-furtado-manos-al-aire-300x300_d5e2b39fThough it’s common place in the world of “plastic”, “hollow” music, I am never not amazed that bopper fans like — crave, even — for the artists they love to continue to spew out the same material over and over again.  Change a leading sentiment there or a lyric or two here, regardless of how many years you have been on the scene, and the fans seem content.  I have seen fans drop like flies for artists who try to brave that wave of defying expectations when it comes to follow-up albums.

Let’s take one of my forever true loves Tori Amos for example.  Her move from that “me, and a gun, and a piano” acoustic flare that made her a cultish following in the early 90s to having a full-on band and incorporating synthetic/computerized beats and electrical outlets in the latter part of the 90s seemed a death sentence for her album sales.  Though she still remains the disaffected youth’s queen with very successful tours, it’s her older tunes that get more praise and tour air time than her experimentation since album From the Choir Girl Hotel and on.

Grammy Award-winning Nelly Furtado hasn’t been immune either.  Furtado’s magnum ooopus would probably be her sophomore album Folklore, a brilliantly written and produced romp through culture, loves, life and fame’s effects.  The album was a brave, bold, and artistic move for Furtado but some critics and fans alike panned it, wanting a more happy-go-lucky Furtado, a la her debut Whoa, Nelly! Furtado’s third release Loose seemed more rally cry of all the tricks that worked for her before and, as expected, was a major success, racking sales that surpassed 10million copies.

In a world of very little grey and way too much black and white, Furtado may have finally found a happy medium with the upcoming release of her 4th studio album, Mi Plan.  With a nod to “doing her own thang” she recorded it entirely in Spanish but listen to the first single “Manos Al Aire” and you will definitely hear influences beyond that, incorporating popular beats that will placate her rabid fans.   The single is already an international success.

File Under: Good Luck, Furtado.  LOVE YOU!


Me Likey: Jason Segel

September 1, 2009

MkqsvclKpqwqo9utvefqNCZdo1_400Is it just me or does anyone else find Jason Segel to be S-E-X-Y?

I know my overly-physique-obsessed gays would probably say this verging-on-portly actor (who has starred and appeared in gems like I Love You, Man; Knocked Up; Slackers; and Forgetting Sara Marshall)  doesn’t cut the mustard.  However, I think not only is he a great comedic actor but he’s for sure someone I would dub a resident francislewis hottie.

Segel plays those boy-next-door and slacker roles really well but under the benign/unassuming surface is a man that’s sexy.  And, oh boy,  am I obsessed with those pout-y lips of his!

Having seen him interact off camera, there seems to be a adversity — or an abashed-ness, if you will — of the spotlight which makes him seem more true actor than popularity hound.  Honestly, that makes him even hotter if you ask me.

File Under: Me Likey!

<<REWIND: David Guetta's "One Love"

August 28, 2009

David-Guetta-One-Love-480455I have always thought myself one of the errant few who couldn’t wrap his ear cochlea around dance/house music.  Try and try as I might, there was always something lacking there for me — even when a stellar voice reverberated in the foreground of the what many describe as the “booming” beats of this gay club mainstay.  

A former/reformed raver (or, more appropriately dubbed “party kid”) well before it was ever deemed cool, I was more into the almost carnal throb of drum & bass and/or jungle.  

So color me skeptic but my utter love of David Guetta’s hit and collaboration with former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland “When Love Takes Over” seemed it would be a fluke of epic proportions more than anything else.  Of course, I was surprised when after getting an early listen of Guetta’s new album One Love before its August 25th release (courtesy of his marketing/pr peeps stateside) I was actually grooving to many of the tracks.   

This is Guetta’s 4th studio album and, admittedly, before this release I hadn’t heard of the well-respected producer/DJ, though his career spans almost two decades.  The album is chockfull of some memorable beats all my gays will surely be dancing to — if they aren’t already.  Each collaboration — with the likes of Kelly Rowland, Will.i.am, Ne-Yo, AKON, Estelle — not only highlight some amazing production skills on the part of Guetta but doesn’t shy away from some serious great vocals by the aforementioned and more.

“…infused with all the best flavors of contemporary pop music that will appeal to such a broad audience both on and off the dance floor,” Guetta says of the album.

It is all worth the listen!  Guetta gets nothing but love from me!

File under: My faves: “Sexy Bitch” (collaboration with AKON), the #1 Black Eyed Peas’ hit “I Gotta Feeling” and all of the Rowland collaborations.

Me Likey: Jenna Jameson

August 27, 2009
Photo Credit: TMZ

Photo Credit: TMZ

You know many have said I am not gay enough.  I am sure it has to do with my overwrought obsession with women.  I love having them around, I love looking at them, I just appreciate them too much they say.  Let’s not even get into my love for the lesbians!  Well, anyhoo, I have been obsessed with porn-star-turned-mogul Jenna Jameson for YEARS now.

I remember one day back in college sitting uncomfortably on a dusty plaid couch in some dorm, next to a lesbian friend of mine, as we watched an interesting porn.  I don’t know how we got ourselves into that situation but I am sure it involved vodka, shot glasses, and levels of boredom that were indescribable.  Anyhoo, there, on one of those small tvs with a built-in VCR player, I saw this blond bombshell gyrating on a motorcycle in some huge expanse of a parking lot.  Right away, I thought three things: a.) Who is she? b.) Did Harley Davidson really intend for its bucket seats to be used that way? c.) Um, wow, she has no hair down there.  Anyhoo, that’s when my obsession started.

It wouldn’t be until a year later that I realized she was the same girl I’d seen on Howard Stern detailing the sordid details of her life.  Jameson never denied that she owes much of her success to Stern and her visits to the show.  And she has a lot to be grateful for as she still remains the most successful porn star to date.

This year Jameson gave birth to twin boys (the father is UFC Champion Tito Ortiz) and she’s looking better than ever!  I have to say pre-pregnancy, I was getting a little worried with all that weight she was losing as she looked more like the LA-cliche rather than the buxom hottie she truly is.  Stay that way, Jenna!  Me Likey!  ME LIKEY A LOT!

File under: Um, I need a gay intervention!  Pass me my tight jeans, stat!

Me Likey: Nick Youngquest

August 26, 2009
Photo Credit: Attitude

Photo Credit: Attitude

OK, so I am not one to go all gaga over some guy with brawn, muscle, piercing eyes, chiseled features, a killer smile, athletic prowess.  OK, I take that back.  I have been recently obsessed with rugby players in the past few years.  There is something very erotic, primal even, about the way they wrestle in that pig-trough way — getting all dingy and sweaty.   Le sigh. Well, there is one who has been garnering much attention from my gays!

On the new cover of UK gay mag Attitude is the fine Aussie specimen and rugby star Nick Youngquest.  It’s their “sex issue” and Youngquest doesn’t seem to mind, saying he actually is “flattered” by all of the attention from his gay fans!  After a brief Google search, you will find out how much he is loved!

File under: Me Likey!  YUM YUM YUM (and I mean YUM) in my TUM TUM


August 8, 2009

Photo Credit: TMZ

I am the blogger (I can’t believe I called myself that, ew) who likes much more to expel my own celebrity gossip rather than fish other conglomerate sources for my juice.  However, I have become a bit obsessed with TMZ.  Not the website; I am more  obsessed with the show on Fox!  

It’s not only my fascination with how celebrities are slowly becoming slightly enamored with Harvey Levin’s band of videographers/photographers/stalkers but more so with just how funny the cast of “researchers/producers” on the show are.  These merry cubicle-dwellers are hilarious and it all conspires to be some pretty off-the-cuff fare!  As I am one who has a penchant for deadpan humor, I totally can appreciate them all and want to hear from this peanut gallery.  Seriously some of them have to be like nightclub comedians on their time off.  

Levin isn’t too shabby himself.  He’s pretty darn witty and is a lot more book smart than people probably think!  What they cannot deny is that this man is business-savvy and is not going anywhere anytime soon and neither is his militia for that matter.  America is way too celebrity-obsessed for that.  

And Levin’s thermos with the red straw in it?  Classic!  The leaning against the divider?  Even more classic!  I need to come up with my own trademark thing.  Maybe I will tweak a nipple after every blog post.  Hmmm…  You guys wouldn’t see that though.  Never mind.  

Oh well, keep up the salacious work, guys at TMZ!!!  ME LIKEY!!!

File under: Who is that curly-haired guy in the back.  I think he’s the funniest!

Me Likey: Andy Cohen

August 8, 2009

cohen_6-24So the first I laid eyes on this gorgeous specimen known as Andy Cohen was on an after-show special for Bravo’s Flipping Out.   I was smitten right away.  Not only did I find him sexy, smart, and funny but I thought I recognized a bit of camp there too.  I thought to myself: self, he isn’t gay, is he?  Have the gay gods aligned! Have I found my Jewish prince?  Will I have to convert?

He and Jeff Lewis (star of Flipping Out) just seemed like old girlfriends to me but I didn’t want to speculate.  I wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth — notably, say post coitus, as we lay romantically intertwined in our ridiculously high thread-count sheets.  Sorry, total tangent there!!! Anyhoo, of course, it wouldn’t be until an after-show for The Real Housewives of New Jersey that I would get confirmation that Cohen is in fact gay!  All I have to write is ME LIKEY, ME LIKEY A LOT!  

Cohen has a 30 minute late-night talk show out on Bravo called Watch What Happens Live and even his celebrity guests seem smitten with him. This week a gentleman caller on the show said what I have been wanting to say to Cohen for quite sometime: I want to have your Jewish babies!  Well, I don’t know if I would have said it quite like that but that’s the gist of it!   

True, he seems to be getting campier each episode but I see him more pushing an agenda to change America’s fusty notion of what gay is.  You can be camp and masculine, yes.  Wendy Williams does it everyday!  LOVE YOU, Wendy!  

No, but I think Cohen is a great addition to the late night festivities… and I am not just writing that because he’s my future Baby Daddy either!!!  

File under: YUM YUM YUM in my TUM TUM